January 4, 2008
By Alicia Hallett, Hengoed Mid Glam, ZZ

“It was an accident”
Using a shaky hand the twenty one year old takes some pills out the bottle with manicured fingers, places them into her mouth then takes a sip of the refreshing water before carelessly leaving the glass on the cabinet. Leaning against the sink the blond looks at her reflection face pale, eyes tired and curly hair pulled into a messy ponytail.
“It was an accident”
The only sound coming from the hallway is the clock and its constant calming sound. However there is no time to rest, the story needs to be exact, he fell that’s what happened or did he hit his head? Either way she doesn’t care.
“It was an accident”
That was a year ago the dark circles had faded hair newly cut and a glass of red wine was gripped in her hand, but a whole year of worrying if the police were going to knock on the door to inform her that she and Ben, her partner in crime were under arrest. That Harvey had turned up battered and bruised revealing the entire story, but what if he wasn’t speckled with cuts and a busted lip .Instead a grotesque looking barely human, thing.
Pondering this worriedly she examined her wedding ring that she still wore as what she hoped others would think was a token of her “love” that she couldn’t bare to let her dear husband go. Ironic? Maybe it was.
“It was an accident”
But no need to worry when Ben got back with the plane tickets they’d be free off to a new start where she could forget the stabbing pain she felt in her heart every time she thought him and she could walk into a kitchen without seeing him cooking breakfast with an attention to detail that was almost obsessive or the way he looked at her that night when she simply looked back with an expressionless blank stare ,she couldn’t dwell on it, that’s why she needed something, anything.
“It was an accident”
Of course she’d keep in touch with family and friends but she couldn’t face this house the memories, the hidden wedding pictures she’d come across by chance Harvey’s ice blue eyes peering into hers with almost the intensity he had when standing right in front of you or his messy mop of dark hair.
“It was an accident”
The bloodstains had washed out of her clothes but she swore that they would appear in every garment she owned.. The pills helped, the doctor had said they would and that she shouldn’t blame herself
“It was an accident”
Yeah right.

Stepping onto the landing still holding the glass while feeling around for the light switch, she noticed someone standing at the front door through the Paine of glass.
“Ben is that you’ forget your key?” she smirked and descended the stairs hand gracefully perched on the banister taking each step carefully as they creak and groan.
“Stupid old house” she mutters.
Noticing muddy footprints leading to the dining room, her eyes widen desperately hoping that they hadn’t been walked onto her cream rug.
“ugh Ben if you did that earlier thinking I wouldn’t notice, too bad you forgot your key!” pulling the door open revealed nothing but the porch swing rocking back and forth and the street lights casting an orange glow over it .
“Ben?” Probably her mind playing tricks, she frowns and turns to go back inside. Suddenly an icy cold hand grasps her neck in a chocking hold. Dropping the glass it smashes her heart nearly doing the same, her mouth goes dry and mind swims with fright. Knowing who it is she nearly cries out. The familiar cologne combined with the unnerving chuckle. She feels his breath on her ear. Her nails dig into the skin of his hand her cheek is irritated by his, is he wearing a mask? He’s meant to be dead.
“It was an accident”
“Harvey? She croaks
No answer.
His grip on her tightens
“I’m sorry”.
He laughs, throws his head back, but suddenly stops his voice muffled by the mask.
“Oh don’t worry Amanda ,I’ll make it look like...”
He whispers
“An accident”.

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