Vampires, Witches, and Giant Evil Monkeys, Oh My!

December 21, 2007
By kasey blair, Sacramento, CA

Storm and Thundermist ran down the trail they knew so well. They couldn’t understand why Lighting was chasing them. The rain came down harder and harder as night came into reach, and not a moment to soon. Lighting intercepted them as Thundermist lost his balance. They had been caught by the evil giant monkey, known as Lighting. Storm didn’t have a quick plan to get out of this one as she usually does.
Two weeks earlier…

“Hurry up Thundermist! It’s almost dawn, and you know how I get when I’m in the sun.” storm shouted to her best friend. Storm, a vampire for the last forty years and looked like she was still seventeen, was a tall blonde girl with green eyes any one would kill for. She was in good health and was one of the best hunters in her town.

“Well, if you would slow down a little, I’m a witch, not a vampire! And I have a hard time seeing in the dark.” He yelled back, pouting once again. Thunder mist, a strong minded seventeen year old boy, and a skilled witch were always with his friend storm. He was tall and had green eyes, but not as brilliant as Storm’s, and had brown red hair.

When the two friends found shelter away from the sun light, Thunder mist went in search for food, since Storm had a walking food source. When night had reappeared, Storm and Thundermist continued down the same green trial they have been on for many nights. They were in search for the magical scientist to free Storm and turn her human again. Thunder Mist went only to spend more time with his friend. But they were still many days away from such a place. The magical scientist lived in a town called Tears for Years. They were
in their home town, in Rainy Days, and still had to go through Misty Falls, and Thunder Gloom.

“Thundermist!” Yelled the female Vampire. “We made it to Misty Falls, and it kind of looks like home, same gray ski, same dead trees, and same green houses.” Storm was silently hoping that they hadn’t made a mistake on their long journey.

“Yes, but their lawns are gray, our lawns are blue. I can’t believe you missed something, and I caught it!” Thunder pointed out to his doubtful friend.

“That would be a first.” Storm said, trying not to be put in a bad mood. They had walked since night fell, and that was about eleven hour ago, and they only had less than an hour left.

“We need to find shelter. Light is already coming… Look at the cute little monkey!” Thundermist looked at her in shock. She never used words like ‘cute’. But when he saw the monkey, he thought the same thing.

“Watch it little girl! I have feelings too you know. You don’t have to comment about my height!” The monkey put them both in shock. They have heard of talking monkeys, but never seen one. This being the first time they have been out of Rainy Days. “You can call me Lighting. That’s what my parents called me. I’m on my way to see the magical scientist, so I’ll be on my way.” Lighting finished.

“Well so are we, you want to come with us Lighting? It would be the three of us, if you don’t mind. But we really need to find shelter, I can’t be is the sun.” Storm offered. She felt like she had to protect the little monkey, she didn’t want to leave it behind.

Lighting was a dark brown, and the smallest monkey that either of them had seen. Its face was round, and he walked upright like a human would.

“What are you a vampire?” Thundermist and Storm just stared at him. “You are, ummm, sure, I’ll go with you.” He thought, thing that no one would mess with Storm because of what she was. “As long as you promise that we will be able to see the magical scientist.” And they went into the shelter that Thundermist had magically made.

When night had come Storm ran into a problem. “Lighting, Lighting, it’s time to get up. We need to go.” Storm was having a hard time waking the monkey. “Lighting! Killer bees are coming this way! We need to go now!” Storm smiled as the little monkey ran from nothing. She had a feeling that she was going to have fun on this trip.

“That wasn’t funny Storm!” Thundermist said while laughing. A few moments passed when Lighting realized that there was nothing after him. When he remembered what Storm said that scared him, he went up to her and told her a few words that he thought she should hear.

“That was not very nice! You’re lucky that I still want to go with you. We should get going.” The monkey said as he ‘bravely’ took the lead.
“Well, we’re off to see the magical scientist, the science we’re off to see!” Thundermist was babbling. Storm looked at him strangely; she had no idea where that had come from, although it did sound some what familiar. She tried to think back when she was little, but the only thing that she could remember as a child, a real non-vampire child, was a story about a mad scientist named Ice Steam. And he was the most evil person alive. Ice Steam would take your animal friend and turn them into evil giants that would do anything to kill you and your friends. He also made this potion to keep him young for ever, without the side effects of being a vampire.
“Storm! Where have you been? You’ve been lost inside your head for hours. You okay?” Thundermist sounded concerned. As she reappeared into the reality, she noticed they were almost to Thunder Gloom, but light was already starting to show through the trees, so they had to stop for the day.
As they three friends walked through Thunder Gloom, they noticed that it didn’t stay dark as long as the other towns. Lighting was trying to figure out how many days they had been in Thunder Gloom, when Thundermist said that they had been there for four nights, as if reading his mind. Storm had to stop more in this town to feed than the others. Thunder Gloom seemed to suck the life force right out of you. Lighting always went for a short walk when storm fed, he said that it didn’t bother him, but they all knew that it did. When they finally seen the sign that said ‘Years for Tears’ for couldn’t hold their joy. Every one thought that they had been on something, but they didn’t care, they had finally made it to the magical scientist’s home town. The first thing they seen was the huge castle in the back middle of the town.
“It looks like we are still a night’s walk away. Unless you two want a break, let’s keep going.” Storm suggested. “So, monkey, you never told us why you want to see the magical scientist? Why don’t you tell us?” Thundermist said, trying to keep himself and they others awake.
“You’ll just laugh.” Lighting said, being shy for the first time.
“No we won’t. Tell us!” Storm pleaded.
“Because I’m little! I’ve always been teased about my height. I just want to be big like every one else. I was the small one in the family, and even smaller in the real world.” Lighting said, and then started walking faster. A few hours later, Lighting told them about his dream he had days before. He was a giant evil monkey and was forced to kill the both of them. And he was going to the magical scientist to get a little bigger. After Lighting tells the story, they walk in silence for hours.
“We’re here! Knock on the door, Storm.” Thundermist asked. They couldn’t wait to talk to the magical scientist. When they all got inside, they called for the great one. They waited for a few minutes and all went home when they notice the note on the floor saying the magical scientist’s brother, Ice Steam, had died.

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