December 17, 2007
By Jesse Doolin, Tomball, TX

It's a small kingdom, not large in any way. It has three ways of being entered, two are covered by transparent walls like force fields, out-side of these are the guards, holly bushes with points sharper then any man could create. The third entry point is the easiest to past through, the ruler of the kingdom uses this one, there is little protection there just a great white pine door, cracked down the center from battles past. The kingdom is small as I have said before, but it is a small piece of heaven. The kingdom is a magical kingdom, a haunted kingdom, a war-ravaged land, a nation in the clouds, it is anything the ruler wills it to be and more. The kingdom is a room, merely 10 X 12 feet in size but it contains hundreds of lives and far more places because the treasure that this kingdom contains is books.

Yes, this place is my room, and my kingdom, and my piece of heaven and I am its ruler. It’s a wood furnished room; I have no idea what type of wood but it’s a dark wood, stained darker. The dark wood gives the room a warm glow like a fire would give, not, however, like the sun gives. The sun is a whiter light and since it ruins the studious atmosphere of my room I have a thick brown blanket draped across my largest window letting very little sunlight in. I have a light brown carpet floor, although most of the time you couldn't tell. I also have a sports rack in front of the other window, which lately has be put to little use but is still littered with countless baseball caps, soccer, baseball, and football shoes, baseballs and golf balls, and gloves from numerous other sports along with various other sports related items. Among the other unused items in my room is a punching bag, which really my room is to small to make use of anyway. Also a poker set, you know the large metal cased ones that are too large to really put way any where so you end up propping it up against the wall in the corner (which I did). Among the totally useless category of items in my possession is a sword collection. I started collecting them on my first trip to Disney world, in Magic Kingdom (the one with the giant castle) there is a shop that sell weird stuff like crystal globes, strange jewelry, and swords, obviously, well as a present my parents got me a sword. Since then I've collected five different swords including, a samurai sword and Dagger, a King Arthur replica, my Disney world one, a really big dagger, and a few throwing knifes.

As I mentioned earlier I have a great many books which would suggest I have I book shelve, and I do. My wooden book shelve takes up a wall of my small room and over hangs my wooden desk. About three years ago I filled my book shelve up and decided to put another layer of books in front of that, so that my book shelve was two layers of books deep. About a year ago I ran out of room again, and the shelves weren't big enough for another layer, I started putting them in the drawers under my bed. Now I have run out of room in the drawers under my bed and have began to stack them on my bedside table. Speaking of my bed that's probably my favorite place in my room or at least the place I spend the most time in. my bed is a queen size and takes up about a third of my room. I do everything on my bed, read, sleep, watch movies, play video games, and do homework. I spend more time in my bed then any other place in my house. My bed also great because I have a stereo system hooked up to it, I have the bass under my side table and two speakers are on both ends of my head board, and my ipod plugs in to it so I can listen to what ever I want.

My room is very important to me, it's where I go when I'm angry, sad or just bored, it's my quite place and my happy place. I could spend hours and hours in there just thinking or reading. It's my home within my home.

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on Sep. 24 2011 at 7:24 am
Rocinante SILVER, Wexford, Pennsylvania
7 articles 1 photo 387 comments
I liked it as well, however there are a few grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, so I think you would be wise to proofread carefully before posting, but on the other hand, it's a good story.

Pamela said...
on Sep. 2 2008 at 3:42 pm
Awesome Article.

nan said...
on Aug. 31 2008 at 8:10 pm
Excellent writing. Very visual. You brought your readers right into your kingdom and into your world of books and privacy.


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