The Mayor's Daughter

In the cold months of Mabase’,
There was a lewd mayor,
Who shamed his daughter with his sin,
When we heard the affair.

Our mayor and his assistant,
The news took us by storm,
His daughter most shocked of us all,
Acts none out of the norm.

But inside she was hurting bad,
Her life in the spot light,
For her father’s shameful affair,
She fled her town that night.

Her father avoiding the view,
Of the harsh public eye,
And ignored his poor daughter,
And her soft fearful cry.

Oh, how could he be so selfish?
How could he be so vain?
That he would be so dishonest,
And ruin his girl’s name.

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SmileMoment said...
Mar. 11, 2011 at 12:02 am
This is quite interesting and I enjoyed reading it, though may I point out that there are a couple cheap words in the poem that you might want to change.
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