Best Friends

November 1, 2012
By jordinrai BRONZE, Pasco, Washington
jordinrai BRONZE, Pasco, Washington
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Everyone deserves a person they can talk to about anything, be themselves around, be dorky without getting judged, and also have those heart to heart conversations. A best friend is described as someone that’s trustful with the embarrassing moments or darkest secrets, someone who is honest and will tell the truth bad or good. They’re pretty much considered as another person a part of the family. Well I have one of those and her name is Jennae Brown.
We used to get in trouble together all the time, starting when we hung out for the very first time on a Saturday night with other mutual friends. That night started out to be fun, my orignal plans got cancelled and a friend and I were sitting doing nothing, waiting for time to go by. I then got a call from Jennae asking if we wanted to hang out, I said “why not” and we met up at Wal-Mart
We went to our friends’ house who had decided to throw a party. We walked in and it was an empty house with the basics, no furniture or anything. It had the smell of a freshly clean house that had been deeply cleaned days before. We were waiting around patiently for people to start coming and then groups and groups of people arrived. There were people everywhere our party of 6 turned into a party of 15, then 20, then 25.
As a lot of people started coming, and the party and music started getting louder and louder, I had this gut feeling that was getting too loud and it would get busted sometime soon. It didn’t feel right, I couldn’t tell what was going to happen, but I knew it would be something that wouldn’t be too great. I felt as if the world was slowly starting to end and spinning around really fast without stopping, I saw my life going by and couldn’t do anything to stop it. That’s how I felt I couldn’t stop what was going to happen, so I let it happen as it did. I ended up being right; eventually the party ended because neighbors complained about the loudness coming from the neighborhood.
The cops came and made everyone leave take a breathalyzer, and some had to call their parents. The rest that were 18 or older got let go and the left charge free. The cops took the people home that couldn’t drive, or if they didn’t have a ride. I didn’t want to snitch out my friends, so I kept quiet about everything that happened that night to the cops, also because I didn’t want my mom to find out from someone other than me.
After that our friendship changed, and I realized that this girl was a strong person that I could be friends with for quite some time. Since that weekend we instantly clicked, considering we were like the same person. Liked to do the same things, such as having fun and being wild and crazy like that night. Since then we consider each other as best friends, and started hanging out a lot more than before.
In the two years Jennae and I have been friends, we’ve been through so much that no one would be able to understand but us. Jennae Brown is my definition of a best friend, and I haven’t figured out what I would do without her yet, but I do know my life wouldn’t be the same without her, and I’m glad she decided to pop in my life when she did.

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