Woods Vampire

November 1, 2012
By ravenmc123 SILVER, Fountain, Colorado
ravenmc123 SILVER, Fountain, Colorado
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As I walk in the woods, in the darkness of night with the only light being the full moon in the sky. I started to hear something in the distance, it sounded like drums, and people chanting something in a language that I have never heard before. I keep moving and the sound was getting louder and louder. Before I know it I can see some light up in front of me. I started to get nervous. I started walking towards the light and the noise very slowly, trying not to make a sound. I walked up behind a bush and crouch down behind it and look through the leaves. I could see a fire, and the fire was going in and out of my sight while people were dancing around it, and I could here the drums. I was so close that it hurt my ears. The drumming stopped and someone walked up to the fire. The person had a black cloche on with the hood over his head. He was specking in the language that the chants were in. Then he pulled something out from under his cloche. From were I was I couldn't tell what it was, but my guess was that it was a fetus of some kind taken from it mother recently. I could smell it from across the fire. It smelt horrible and it was almost to hard to bare it. It seemed like everyone out here loved the smell and wanted to touch or hold it.
The man said some more words, put something on the fetus, it smelt almost like a spice of some kind. He held it up to the sky, then said some more words, then throw it into the fire. When it landed a big mushroom cloud came over the fire and the people. The people were in aw of the smoke and the smell in the air. I got up from behind the bush ad started to walk backward, I turned around and the very first step that I took, I stepped on a branch and it cracked. I froze in my tracks and looked behind me to see if they had noticed. I started to walk backwards again, then I bumped into something. I stayed still and turned around slowly to see what it was. I had bumped into someone, he was tall and scary looking in the dark and the shadows from the fire. I could barley see his eyes but I could tell that they were dark, cold, and emotionless. He grabbed my arm with a hard grip. I gasped in pain, and he dragged me toward the people in by the fire. He pulled me thought some trees and bushes and into the light. Everyone was just staring at me as he dragged me toward the fire. Everyone's mouths started to water as I was pulled thought them.

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