Alternative ending to " Deadliest Game"

October 11, 2012
By ghuff1 BRONZE, Wilmington, North Carolina
ghuff1 BRONZE, Wilmington, North Carolina
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Zaroff thinks Rainsford has jumped off of the cliff ending his life instead of letting the barbarious General slaughter him like the animal Zaroff thinks he is. Zaroff was disappointed and walked back to his fortress slowly with his head hung. He was now lonely without his bodyguard Ivan to order around. And on his walk back he thought about how upset he was that he never actually caught Rainsford. How he just let him go, the hunt was the most fun he had had yet. When he entered his castle he was very disappointed and angry so he went downstairs to get one of his prisoners. The prisoner was the strongest of the group, yet the stupidest. Zaroff needed a new bodyguard so he asked the prisoner. He refused and charged at Zaroff. Zaroff then put a bullet through his ear. The giant dropped. Then the general knocked the prisoner out.

When the prisoner woke up he found himself in a small white room. There were no windows and there was blood everywhere. He noticed his arms and legs were chained to a wall. Then the General walked in with a small knife. The prisoner started to scream thinking he could be rescued, no one would rescue him. Zaroff approached the man and told him not to scream or he would regret it. The prisoner kept screaming and then Zaroff cut the mans other ear off with the knife. The prisoner screamed, and the other prisoners in the room above him heard him. The group of prisoners sat and listened to blood chilling screams for almost an hour, until all of the sudden it all went silent.

Then the general walked back upstairs to grab another helpless prisoner. When he opened the door he took another one. But when he was walking out he saw a shadowy figure near the front door. General Zaroff peeled his eyes trying to see who it was. Zaroff called out “ Who’s there?”

The figure did not talk but started to step towards Zaroff. Still not knowing who it was, the General stood his ground waiting to see who the man was. Then Zaroff noticed the man starting to run at him. General Zaroff threw the prisoner to the side and fumbled to get his gun out, but the man was getting closer and closer, and Zaroff was scared and could not get his pistol out before, WHAM! The figure tackled the General onto his back and then looking up the General saw a familiar face that he did not wish to see. It was Rainsford.

The General threw Rainsford out from on top of him and got up quickly. General Zaroff told Rainsford “ Rainsford what a surprise it is to see you again but, I am afraid you can not stay and it is time for you to die now, Mr. Rainsford.”

“Actually” Rainsford stated, “ I came to end your terrible game, and your life.” Rainsford then took out a rock and charged at the General, but finding his pistol the General shot Rainsford in the leg. Rainsford fell down with a scream.

Then Rainsford laying on the floor defensless looked up to see the Generals gun barrel looking into his eyes. “ Goodbye Mr. Rainsford.” Genral Zaroff said then, BANG! A gun was shot, but Rainsford opened his eyes and saw the General lying dead on the ground next to him, a bullet hole through his head. Rainsford looked beside him to see, the prisoner General Zaroff threw to the side, holding a gun.

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