October 30, 2012

Mrs. Rawe
Creative Writing
Short Story 4


I slowly crawl out of bed to start my usual routine of my everyday life that never changes. The first thing I do in the morning is get dressed and get my ballet clothes in a bag. I stumble down the stairs half asleep to see my mom getting our lunches ready, drinking coffee, and then sending us out the door to catch the bus. School is about to begin so I get in my seat, which by the way is right across from the John Langdon who is the cutest guy in the entire school! Class is about to begin but I just gaze at the man of my dreams.

In her fantasy: “John Langdon do you take Elisa More to be your wife? I do. And Elisa More Do You.....”zzzz Elisa... Elisa!

Elisa yelled in a panicked voice“ Yup yup I’m up!”

“ You need to stop daydreaming and start paying attention.” Her teacher scowled.
As class went on Elisa couldn’t stop thinking about John, usually this would be completely normal but this time she really could not snap out of it until...
“RING RING class dismissed” yelled her teacher.
“Wow that class is so boring I can barely stay awake!” stated Brooke.
“I know that class puts me to sleep, but today in class I was daydreaming about John again”

said Elisa

“ I thought we talked about your obsession with john! This needs to stop.” pleated Brooke.

“ Ok ok I will but this time in my dream we got married and it was so beautiful!” Elisa said that with pure emotion.
“ Ok that’s nice and all but do you really think you’re going to marry him?” asked Brooke.
“ Yes for sure his love is a hidden love! Well I have to get to class. I’ll see you later” Elisa walked away with her conversation in mind along with the obvious John.
“ And 1 and 2 and 3. Good now plie.” called out the dance teacher.
Elisa went to dance every single day, but she didn’t mind it she just wished she had more time to hangout with her friends. Her mom never did dance as a kid but she always wanted to, so Elisa was basically living out her mother’s dream.
The next day at school Elisa and Brooke were just walking down the hallway as per usual when John came with flier in hand.

“ Hey guys I am having a party this weekend and were hoping you could come!” said John.

“ Oh yeah that sounds great thanks!” spoke Brooke.
Elisa was too stunned to say a word, she just nodded and smiled. Brooke knew exactly what was going through her mind and she didn’t say anything yet.

“Oh My Gosh he actually asked us to come he wants us there! This is day could not get any better! Oh but what should I wear?” rambled Elisa.
“Ok first off yeah the party will be fun and secondly will your mom let you go?” pondered Brooke.

“Good question I’m not sure, but I will find a way to go.” stated Elisa.
Elisa didn’t know what to do first or how to ask her mom, but it was already Tuesday so she needed to act fast. She started by asking her mom if she could miss one day of dance this weekend, but her mom shot her down faster than the count of three! So her only choice, in her
mind, was to lie about it. Elisa had to make this lie convincing for it to work. So she took some time to think about it then when Thursday came around Elisa was ready to convince her mom.
“Hey mom I have some pretty depressing news that might make you upset. Brooke’s great aunt is in the hospital so her and her mom wanted me to entertain Brooke at her house Friday night while they are at the hospital. Is that ok?” asked Elisa.
“Wow yeah that’s fine just make sure you are home at a decent hour ok honey?” said her mother.
The next day at school Elisa was in freak mode to tell Brooke the painfully exciting news. She raced up to the fourth floor screaming and shouting to get Brooke’s attention. Brooke dropped her books in fright, but when she saw Elisa she knew exactly what was going on.

“I’m going to the party it’s official, but there is one thing. I sort of told my mom that your aunt was in the hospital and that we were going to hang out while your parents were at the hospital, but that’s ok!” exclaimed Elisa.

“ Hold on a minuet you're going that’s great!” rejoiced Brooke.
Friday night came faster than the thought, but they were ready. They arrived at the party fashionably late, but they were still the first ones there. It seemed like the whole class was there dancing and having a great time. But their dancing wasn’t similar to Elisa's kind of dancing. They were dancing hip

hop. Elisa had seen hip hop before but she had never gotten a chance to dance it, and Elisa liked how everyone was dancing and on top of that so did John.
Elisa left the party in a mind set to quit ballet no matter what her mother thought. For some reason watching hip hop made her realize something. She was tired of the same ole same ole, and she wanted to just be a normal kid who just did homework and hung out with their friends. So when Saturday morning came around Elisa was feeling gutsy, so she hopped down the stairs ready to have the talk with her mom.

“Mom I would like to have a word with you.”

“Ok what is it?” asked her mom.

“Well I’ve been thinking and it’s about time a stop ballet and start living.” Elisa said strongly.

“Now stop being silly and get your leotard on.” her mother said firmly.

“No mom I’m serious I’m done with ballet!”

“Ok we clearly have different agendas here so someone is going to have to compromise. How about if you still do ballet but only a few times a week but all weekends?” questioned her mother.

“I’m sorry but that just isn’t good enough for me. How about if I do ballet three times a week and once over the weekend?” asked Elisa.

“Um..... I guess that will have to work but when you are in ballet class you have to work hard.” said her mother.

“Are you sure you're not mad?”

“Yes I’m sure in the end I just want you to be happy.”

“Well thank you mom it means a lot to me.”

After school on Monday Elisa got on the bus and went home with Brooke just because she could. This gave Elisa more time to plot how to capture John’s heart.

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