Love Potential

October 29, 2012
By Anonymous

At the beginning there was a boy who was troubled by his neighborhood peers, and a girl troubled by her constant arguing of parents at home. They had no clue in the world that their lives would collide into a world of joy. The situation they had overcome on a daily basis would cause they boy to constantly be in and out of juvenile detention, and she to sneak shots of alcohol into her beverage throughout the day.
His name was Danny, a boy who struggled to make his dream come true. He somewhat had a idea of what living the good life was, but always had it blurred by the negative influence of peers, which always drove him into thug life. Perhaps he lied to himself, perhaps not, but it was for sure that every day the bright, orange rays of the sun crept in through his window and awoke him, triggering him to be seated on the edge of his bed; he would pray and hope a better life approached.
The girl was named Daisy, her home life consisted of verbal and physical fights and self-isolation in her room. She was content enough with this existence when she had some drink in her cup, at least till nightfall came. Near the end of the month, Daisy would continually sneak out and walk past her neighborhood area. She would pass a tall brick fence then a human-built canal that ran water for farming, it was unused due to the nearby new homes in the previously lone acres. Daisy would go in it and sit on the slope of the concrete, staring lethargically into the bright, full, blue moon. Here was when two worlds struck into one another, Danny and Daisy met.

Two months later Danny and Daisy became boy and girlfriend. Daisy’s parents always argued about every lone matter, except both agreed that Danny was not the right guy. They thought that she would most likely get involved into what Danny was doing, and possibly become pregnant at such a very young age. They didn’t like it. Realizing they had no control over it, Danny and Daisy were eventually left alone.

After one year Danny and Daisy’s relationship was unhealthy. Possessiveness, and their constant jealousy, triggered fighting which was making them vulnerable to break their relationship apart. Even though Danny slowed his using and selling, and Daisy slowed her alcohol intake, these circumstances were causing them both to return back to their old habits. One month later school soon began, and as Daisy went back to school, Danny was completely back into his old habits, this time harder, so he felt strongly that he did not need school. Daisy eventually met a guy named Leo, and like Danny, had a lot in common with this new guy. This guy was also a drug and alcohol dependent person, but she saw him every day at school.

Leo was somewhat jealous and thought Daisy still had strong feelings for Danny, which she did. It was a beautiful Halloween evening as the sun was ready set in the west, Daisy gave out candies, and Leo was worried could that he not find any dealers around, and so he suggested Daisy call Danny for miscellaneous drugs.
Well she didn’t, but it was almost as if the call happened, because Danny showed up very intoxicated, to ask for forgiveness. Daisy was inside adding bags of candy to the treat bowl when Danny showed up. Leo confronted Danny and a shortly turned into a confrontation. As Daisy found the extra candies, she approached the door, and looked out the window. She saw Danny and Leo arguing in an intense manner. She closed the front door, soon the racket quieted down and she peeked out the door. The two boys were shaking hands and noted an evil smile on both of their faces.
Daisy ran to the kitchen, burst open to what seemed to be a prescription bottle, and spread the medicine on the table. With a loony smile on her face said to herself, “Oh no, not without my existence they won’t be happy,” and swallowed them within groups of twos and threes. She was mad at the fact their her ex boyfriend and boyfriend got along, she felt as if when in both relationships she was always doing wrong.
Little did Daisy know that at the moment she ran to the kitchen, Leo lifted Danny’s hand unwillingly, took a blade from under his shirt and tucked into his pants, and punctured Danny in the gut. As Danny stared at Leo in desperation, he took the blade out and caught Leo right under the ribs.
As Daisy came outside eyes wide, and approached their bleeding bodies on the ground. In a slow, drowsy manner of confusion, she sat and eventually lay in between them and closed her eyes. As trick or treaters passed by in “oohs and aahs” in curiosity as to why it seemed to real, they were left alone. A couple of police officers arrived the next morning. They saw three bodies lying on the ground. Two bodies with blood all over their hands and shirts and one unknown, but later to be acknowledged from overdose of prescription meds. It was concluded that within a twenty minute period three individuals were laying on the grass of a front yard, dead….

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