October 27, 2012
By Anonymous

You stand in the center of the park in awe. You had just moved into town and you are lonely, so you went to the park. You heard it was a great place for thinking. It is bigger than you expected with nice pathways going straight through it.

There is one big tree in the center that catches your eye. It is so tall you have to tilt your head all the way back, and so thick you could not wrap your arms around the rough trunk. The twisting branches are almost bare, with few yellow leaves still clinging on the delicate branches. There is one twist in the lowest branch, a perfect knot that is manipulated in such a way that makes the perfect foothold.

Suddenly, you have a crazy idea. You walk over to the tree calmly and place your hands on the rough bark with a determined gleam in your eye. Stretching, you are able to lift yourself to the first branch. Balancing yourself whilst standing, you start to climb as high as you can until you are able to sit on a branch squarely in the middle of the tree. It is not the highest branch, but it is quite high. There is a wonderful view of the whole park and you are amazed by how the sun lets the trees cast shadows upon the dew-kissed grass of a new morning.

You sit up on that branch watching the world pass until nightfall, when the winds whisper your name through the trees. They beckon you to come down, so you comply. As you are standing up on your branch, the limb jounces abruptly and you tumble to the dark blanket of grass below, cradled in the earth like a newborn would be in its mother’s arms.

The author's comments:
I was writing flash fiction. Prompt: write a scene about a place in your hometown under 300 words.

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