October 25, 2012
By Anonymous

Voices whirled around her in a chaotic jumble of words she could not comprehend. Above her, burnt auburn leaves were set ablaze as sunlight filtered through them. In front of her, life rushed madly forward, shoes slapped down on gritty paths, and grass rustled softly with a gentle wind filled with laughter. The breeze brushed across her face, yet she barely felt it. Though she sat mere inches from life and color, it felt dreamlike, faraway. She watched arms move as though dragged through water and heads turn with a laziness that did not match the smiles running rampant across their faces.
Meanwhile, a world away, a fierce battle raged inside her mind. Words and memories clashed in uncertainty; needs and wants bristled from constant neglect. Despair and shock chased each other in endless circles, as anger twisted in and out of regret. Her mind went back and forth until nothing was coherent, until she felt herself tumbling and turning in the turmoil swiftly enveloping her consciousness.
Suddenly, a flash of brilliant color rent a gash in her wall of confusion. She felt a pressure on her leg, heard the faintest ghost of a voice. She could feel the world rushing back to her and as she blinked she could see, truly see the vivid colors lying at her feet. She saw the refreshing green of budding grass, and nestled among it she saw a vibrant, yellow ball. Close by, someone was saying something, and a her face broke out in a smile as she realized that she could really hear them. “Hey, c’mon pass the ball!”. She took a deep breath, took a step forward, and decided all of the stuff in her mind could wait.

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