break Out

October 25, 2012
Grandma Jones, as she was called, stepped out into the beautifully manicured back lawn of her families’ homestead. She sat in the rocking chair, gently rocking back and forth sipping her morning coffee, which she liked black as night. She was busy enjoying her ritual of being the first one up to enjoy the sunrise when her thoughts were interrupted by a noise unlike anything she had ever heard, on that struck fear into her frail little heart.

The underpaid zookeeper of the Metropolis Zoo walked up to his outpost, already regretting his decision to get up this morning and go to this terrible job. He followed through his monotonous daily routine, not fully paying attention to what he was doing. He was nearing the end of the checklist, and soon this part of his job would be done. As he took one last look at the control panel which was overcrowded with switches and buttons, one caught his eye.

Said button was a rather large red one which was inconspicuously placed in the corner of the panel. Printed in large bold letters were the words “DO NOT PRESS!” He wondered why anyone would ever actually need to install a button like this one, as there was no practical purpose. His curiosity got the better of him however, so he pressed the button. That was the biggest mistake he had ever made.

Mayhem was unleashed. Maintenance doors to all of the exhibits opened unanimously, and enraged animals of all shapes and sizes came pouring out of the exhibits and into freedom. A look of shock was plastered onto his face as the animals poured into the bustling city. What had he done?

The sound that Grandma Jones had heard was the sound of a fully grown Grizzly Bear roaring in anger. It came crashing through the forest which lied on the outcroppings of the property. A fearless old lady as she was, she began to yell at the bear as if to reprimand a naughty grandchild. As one might expect, the bear didn’t seem perturbed by her yelling, although it did ignore her and head into the open door of the residence, more interested in who lied within the house. Soon enough a bloodcurdling scream rang out into the morning air.

Across the city, similar scenes unfolded, with varying amounts of brutality. People died, politicians disappeared, and the surrounding states slowly descended into an unruly state of chaos. As governments crumbled and paranoia set in, animals continued to roam free, causing rampant chaos wherever they went. The man who caused it and those who suffered from it and heard the story had but one question; why would that button exist? Why must this have happened?

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