I Waited To Long

October 25, 2012
By liamshannon16 BRONZE, Holyoke, Massachusetts
liamshannon16 BRONZE, Holyoke, Massachusetts
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Lucy woke up to her aunt standing in front of her with a cigarette in her hand. She says “get up for school now!” Lucy stands up and walks away as she feels a sharp pain shooting across her head. She knew what it was but she ended up ignoring it acting like it never happened.

Lucy walks into school wearing the only pair of clothes she has, ripped up jeans and a white t-shirt. Her Aunt refuses to buy her new clothes. Then Lucy walks to her locker, but a teacher pulls her to the side and asks “Why do you have bruises all over your body?
“I fell down the stairs” she replies, but honestly aunty Ann had pushed her down the stairs.
Lucy then walks to her next class, ands sits slumping over her desk already knowing she doesn’t want to be there. Then the bell rings and she’s being pushed out the door by the rest of her class. She finally makes it out the door thinking what she will do next. She can feel her feet shuffling across the ground, understanding where her mind is taking her. Then about five minutes of shuffling she’s at a cemetery where her mom was buried after her tragic accident. Lucy can’t understand why she’s there so she just ends up walking home.

She walks up the cement stairs out side her house; she opens the door and has a huge puff of smoke fly across hr face. Then through that thin layer of pure grayness she can see her aunt bolting at her. Aunty Ann grabs her head and slams it onto the wall. She could smell the booze her aunt has been drinking and the fury in her eyes.
“Where have you been?” “You were supposed to be home ten minutes ago!”
“I…I….” All of a sudden she sees something raising up, she cant tell if it was a hand or something worse, Lucy closes her eyes and just takes all the pain that has come her way. “Slap, Slap!” Two red marks well up on Lucy’s face, as she knows that her aunt had slapped her. Tears start welling up her eyes as she runs away to her room.

“You can starve tonight!”

“I can’t do this anymore!” Lucy says to herself as she feels the wind of the door slamming behind her. But only she knows she can’t do anything about the problem, she cant tell anyone or do anything back to he Aunt.

Lucy wakes up the net day to Aunty Ann screaming “Get up.” But Lucy know that this day is going to be like antsy other day. She’s going to go to school, lie about the bruises and scars and then find her self back home again.

After the bell rings Lucy is walking really fast, she knows what she’s going to do. They sky is grey and cloudy so she knows she has to be quick about this. She feels the tears rolling down her face,

“Mom I cant take this anymore why did you have to go this is all your fau-…..” She cuts herself off and just gets up and walks away.

. . .

When Lucy walks into her house Aunty Ann comes running up to her with a knife. Lucy ducks as she can see the sharp blade flying to her face. Lucy try’s to run away but feels her self-flying through the air at that moment she knew her Aunt had lost it. She feels the sharp pain and just closes her yes and drifts off to sleep.

An hour later she wakes up on a pile of blood. She gets up and looks in a mirror. She saw the huge gash that’s in her head that she’s guessing s from the wall she hit. She gets up and walks to the bathroom and gets a throw towel to put on her head.

When she walks out of the bathroom she realizes her aunt isn’t home, so she decides she’s not gong to be home either. She writes a note saying:
“I can’t be here anymore. My life is terrible thanks to you. Good-bye, Forever.

She feels some tears welling up and dropping done her face as she walks out the door.

. . .

She’s about half way to the cemetery where her mom was buried. She walks over to her moms grave and says:
“I will finally be with you again.”
She runs away finding herself on a bridge. She can feel the wind of the cars driving by.”
Do I really want to do this?” she says to herself.

. . .
She fells the cold wind against her face. Before she knows she’s going to die she says, “mom here I come.”
The next day on the news they said some people found a girl dead in the water. They said she had bruises all over her body button one knew it was he aunt. So now her aunt is getting away with everything she has done.

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