Canceling Christmas

October 24, 2012
By Zevrin_ BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
Zevrin_ BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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“I can’t stand this anymore!” Santa yelled.
“Sir, sir you can't just cancel Christmas” said Tifull trying to be calm. Tifull was a very stout elf, and young for being Santa’s right hand.
“Yes I can, I’m Santa,” he said annoyed. “I don’t see how my parents and grandparents could stand being called an elf, we’re dwarfs!”
“Yes, I know sir,” Tifull assured Santa by patting him on the back (Which was hard for an elf since they are quite a bit shorter than dwarfs).
They were on their way to the command center where the elves and Santa plan out the route around the world, the elves were genius’s with technology and in the center of the room was a floating 3D hologram of the earth. “Cancel it all” Santa told all of the elves.
“WHAT?!?” all of the elves in the command center yelled.
“Its only a week until Christmas Sir, we can't just cancel it” Avery said, she was a middle height, blonde elf.
“I don't care about those ‘humans’ anymore,” he said with disgust. “They keep making story’s about ‘me’ being an elf, I’m a dwarf!”
“We know” the elves said in unison with a sigh.
“How do they think I can be an elf I’m taller than all of you, and in all if their stories I’m still taller than all of you yet were all elves. How does that make sense!” Santa said angrily.
“I don't know, sir,” said Tifull “but it doesn't mean we shouldn’t give them gifts.”
“Why not? We can just give the gifts to all of the animals in the world,” Santa said proud of the idea “Write the idea down Tifull.”
Tifull wrote it with a sigh. “Should we at least tell them that their not getting presents?”
“I don't care,their information isn't right about us at all,” Santa said “One, my elf’s don’t build the toys and such, my elfs build machines to build the toys.” “Two my outfit is black, red is way too bright.” “And three I’M A DWARF!” Santa yelled loud enough that all of the elf’s on the island could hear him. Off in the distance Santa and the elfs in the command center could hear ‘We know’.
“Ok, Avery hack into the humans news channels and tell them that Santa’s not coming for Christmas,” Tifull told her.
“Okie dokie” Avery replied “but won't that let them know that we’re real?”
“Well... um...”
“I have a better idea” Shadow said as he walked out of... the shadows, he was dressed in a black outfit that covered everything but his eyes. “We will give them gifts but the gifts will be videos of...”
“Shadow how great to see you,” Santa interrupted, Shadow looked at him dryly for interrupting him.
“As I was saying...” Shadow tried to continue
“I don't know if we should give them gifts they don't want,” Tifull advised.
Shadow waited a few seconds then continued “We will give them gifts but the gifts will be a video of us opening them and using them,” he said with a evil grin.
“Bad idea, I already hacked into the news anyway and told them that no gifts are coming from Santa this year,” Avery said.
The elf’s turned on the TV and watched “Santa canceled Christmas” The news lady said “Causing major outbreaks of violence in cities all over the world” the elf’s turned off the tv.
“I don't think that was the best idea sir” Avery said to Santa.
“Neither do I” Santa replied “Hack back in and say that I will be giving gifts this year”
“Okie dokie” she said again 1 minute later “Done.”
The elf’s turn the TV back on “Just in, Santa has uncanceled Christmas” She said cheerily “The City’s have changed all of that violence into a celebration instead” The elf’s turned off the TV again.
“All in favor of my plan” Shadow said, all of the elfs raised their hands. “Good.”
The elf’s all over the island gathered in the main room of the workshop (Which is not very decorated) Santa started announcing “We have come up with a plan to still give the humans presents, but still not be all that nice to them for saying that i’m a dwarf” one of the elves opened a toy cricket and played the sound.
“How will that make them call you a dwarf?” one of the elf’s put in.
“It won't make them call me a dwarf, but it will make me feel better” Santa replied.
Shadow added in “The plan is to record all of us opening peoples presents then put the video in a really big box wrap it up then put it under their trees”
All of the elfs cheered then went to work, hundreds of elf’s got video cameras then recorded themselves opening presents and playing with them, one elf in particular was quite mean about this and started laughing diabolically every time he opened a present.
It took the whole week to get through all of the presents, then they packed it all up in Santa’s bag and sent him off, Tifull came with him. “At least they got something right,” Santa said happily as he jumped down the chimney
After Santa got back on Christmas morning he went to the command center and his elf’s turned on the news and watched “Santa did give us presents but maybe not what we wanted” she said teary eyed “There have been extremely horrible outbreaks of violence and a large group of people carrying guns are driving up to the north pole to find Santa’s workshop”
The elf’s turned off the TV and started laughing. “I don’t get why they think we live in the North pole, tropical islands are way better.”

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