The Silent Wind pt1

October 23, 2012
By livetodie BRONZE, ---------, California
livetodie BRONZE, ---------, California
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The wind grew wild with anticipation thrusting bright white snow everywhere. There was no sign of the life that once flourished there. There was no sign of the vibrant flowers and beautiful grass that made the beautiful meadows of the quiet forest. The cold and merciless winter only destroyed leaving behind only the withering corpses of once proud evergreen trees.
His deep black hair created a great contrast against the blanket of snow in the air. His bright emerald green eyes watched in horror as the light escaped the icy blue eyes of the one he so dearly loved creating an unbreakable eternal barrier between them. Her light blonde hair nearly disappeared in the snow where she drew her last breath. His heart pounded faster and harder as tears streamed down the pale skin of his face. His knees shook and finally gave up the struggle to stay standing as he fell to the ground. He didn't want to believe the heartbreaking scene that took place before his eyes. He wanted it to be just an illusion set upon him by some external force...

He opened his eyes in the darkness of his room. He sat up in his bed wiping away the tears from his face and breathing heavily. He tried breathing slower to bring down his heart rate but to no avail. He stepped out of bed and onto the tail of his little sister's cat which let out a screech scratching his ankle. "Stupid cat" he muttered as he watched it scurry into its master's bedroom. He looked to the foot of his bed and found his German Shepherd staring at him. "It's not my fault. Roxy shouldn't have been in the room anyways" he told Kayla as if justifying what he did.
He walked into the kitchen and grabbed a glass cup that he filled with water. He pulled out a chair and sat down putting his forehead on the smooth suface of the table and closed his eyes. "That's the fourth time this month I've had that same dream. Why does it always end there? More importantly why do I cry? I don't even know who that girl is" he thought to himself. He looked to the wall and even through the blackness he saw the time was 5:28am. He turned his head and closed his eyes.

The author's comments:
This is part of something that I'm currently working on. I'm not very sure if I should keep working on it or migrate to something else. Any opinions?

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