Kitty Fein

October 23, 2012
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Kitty Fein

Bucket was a cat who lived in a small neighborhood it was a bad community full of drugs, abusive drunk husbands and slutty teen agers. Bucket was just a heroin addicted cat caught up in the middle of all this.

Bucket would wake up each morning underneath his owner’s trailer on a pink shredded up old couch cushion. He gets up stretches long and grand. First thing Bucket reaches for is his needle which is sitting in the faint light in the dirt. His paw wraps around the needle as he ties the bike tube around his arm and ties it tight to cut off circulation. He reaches for his spoon that was lying to the needle. Bucket grabbed the lighter and lit up the liquid on the spoon. The liquid concoction boiled furiously as Buckets eyes hungrily glared at the poison. He sucked the liquid into the needle. Now he pulled the rubber and injected it into his vein. Bucket let out a relieving hiss. The clumsy cat started a low deep purr and fell back into his dirty old pillow. He sat there high as a kite in total ecstasy.

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