October 23, 2012
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Had Nobody been other than such, perhaps Somebody would've changed Everybody. It was in the town of Elsewhere that the trio collided, and it was inevitable that Elsewhere would fall as their tension rose. Elsewhere had been a place of peace for some time – Everybody kept a clear mind, made sure the bills were paid, and made sure the children were taught to grow up to be just like Everybody. It was not quite the most interesting existence of Elsewhere, but there was a guaranteed success in the way Everybody ran things. Granted, there were, of course, spats along the way. Such things were only natural happenings, big enough to be noticed, but small enough so that Everybody of Elsewhere would soon forget the aggressors.

So it was that the town of Elsewhere, chugging along in existence peacefully enough, caught the attention of Somebody. From whence Somebody came was of no importance to Everybody; at least, it was no importance at the time, though by the time Everybody realized that perhaps such information would matter, the truth would be blurred. Somebody was by no means antagonistic towards Everybody – Everybody just had different thoughts and opinions.

Somebody began life in Elsewhere, observing Everybody. Everybody would say one thing, Somebody would say another. Somebody was sly and keen – not much went unobserved. It was some time later that Somebody began pointing out the flaws of Elsewhere to Everybody. Everybody was, at first, reluctant to see what Somebody was saying. Elsewhere had been run by Everybody's beliefs for so long, change seemed both comforting and disconcerting. Yet, as the facts of Elsewhere were pointed out, little fallacies were added.

It was around this time that Nobody began to see the truth in the wavering, varied opinions of Everybody and the distorted, mirage-like words of Somebody. Nobody was a solid soul devoted to keeping the truth constantly in check, and it was Nobody who was beginning to have less belief in Somebody and more faith in Everybody.

Everybody continued to question the old ways of Elsewhere, confusion taking over. With power shifting, Nobody made an attempt to help Everybody understand the difference between the truth and the lies. Nobody would secure their rights, and Nobody would do what was right for Everybody. However, it was too late for Everybody to understand. Somebody was allowed to become what Everybody else had once been, and Everybody conformed to what Somebody had to say. Elsewhere had changed to what Nobody had bothered to consider fearing.

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