The Three Angels

July 19, 2008
By Jessup Peterson, Erwin, TN

The Three Angels
Last week I lived in one of the nicest houses here, today I live with my grandmother in a two-bedroom house with all my family.
But it is all because of the stock market crashing. Now instead of living in my house in my own bedroom I am living with all my family in a two-bedroom house.

I am still having fun though, running through the woods hearing the trees and insects speaking to us. Although the wind is the best, it is always whispering a joyous song that will cure your mood.

Now my father is always working now, out of town where we never see him, along with my uncle, grandfather, and other family members who are able to work.

Every month my family members at home, the women and kids, get money sent from their husbands or sons. Sure they are getting money but verily enough to supply for their families.

For my mom, brother, two sisters, and I this is a major step down for us. From having nice, large, delicious dinners to having small, somewhat tasty dinners. My family and I are very limited to the supplies we have, since we do not have the money we had before.

Now today we, my cousins, brother, two sisters, and I went exploring into the forest. Suddenly out of nowhere came a sound, a noise that shook the ground and sounded like the sky split. Out from behind a tree came three black men, being a wealthy white person, I was always taught no to talk to colored people. So I told my family to run home I would handle it.

But I didn’t because there was something different about these colored people then any colored person I had ever met. So I asked them who they were, where they came from, and what they were doing on my family’s land.

They told me that they are searching for food to feed their families and have been for hours. Everyday they came there in search for food and left with a few handfuls of mushrooms and dry land fish.

Then one day I decided to go and give them some food. So, everyday from then on I saved some food, which my family thought I was eating and took to them.

One day we got news that the “Great Depression” as the government called it, was ended, which meant my family was moving back to my old house, we were back wealthy. But it didn’t make me stop taking food to the black men in the woods.

On and on I took food to them, everyday they arrived later and later. Then one day only two showed. I asked what had happened to the third man, they stared at each other for a moment then stared at their feet as one began to mumble that he had died. Ow I gasped and they answered to me and said, “he had God in his life and now he is in heaven not worrying about money he has to earn to feed his family.”

But nothing stopped me. So, on and on I took food and later and later they arrived every day. Then one day only one showed. I asked what had happened to the second man. He looked at me with a fearful and sorrowful look and then stared at his feet and began to mumble he died late last night. Ow! I gasped and he answered to me and said, “ he had God in his life and now he is in heaven not worrying about money he had to earn to feed his family.”

But that still didn’t keep me from taking food. On and on I took food and later and later he arrived everyday. Then one day no one showed. I knew that he had died. But I knew he had God in his life and now he is in Heaven not worrying about having to earn money to feed his family.

But I still went there to those woods every day after that. One day I went to the same spot I had went to every day before but this time something strange happened.

There I sat with the food but this time instead of no one showing up to take the food. Then came that noise again it shook the ground and sounded that the air split. Then appeared three black male angels showed up and said to me that they appreciated me helping them. But I didn’t have to keep coming back.

But that still didn’t keep me from going there and everyday those three angels would show up and we would talk.

Finally I got married and had kids but I taught them the exact opposite thing that my mom taught me about colored people.

I built my house right in the exact spot where I had come every day.

Every night three angels would come and protect my house and family. It was the same angels that I had talked to earlier and the same three men I had taken food to before.

From then on I taught my family of my experience of the three angels.

Every time I could I went to church and had God in my life and when I died the colored men and I went and protected my family and their house

The author's comments:
i love writing stories. Just staying up all night in the silence just words popping up in my head. Most of the time i can picture it in my head and go on from there and it just feels so good to write.

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This article has 3 comments.

sissy said...
on Aug. 26 2008 at 1:13 pm
You have a talent that most people don't so keep up the good work. You could become a famous writer one day and your story was so interesting that it makes you want to read until the end. You need to write another story for us to read, can't wait and looking forward to hearing from you again.

on Aug. 19 2008 at 8:23 pm

jazzy123 said...
on Aug. 15 2008 at 8:48 pm
this story is awsome

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