Weird or Scary?

October 22, 2012
Her skin was ripped, terrifying, unnatural, such a waste for her skin used to be extremely soft, as if silk. As she reached out a skeletal hand that seemed to have bruises that used to be purple, but turned green, some of her greasy matted black hair fell into her face and feature even more since she was looking down. Her once joyous, innocent,happy, eyes seemed to be void of all of those feelings and were replaced with sadness, wickedness, fear, and regret. As she tried to give a reassuring smile, failing miserably, and sees her newly met acquaintances fearful and starts to chuckle, which soon turned into laughter, only giving this woman an even more petrifying sight. A woman with a wicked smile laughing with cruelness and coldness in her voice, making you visibly shake in your shoes

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