Magic of the Moment

October 22, 2012
By , Roy, UT
It was about a week before Christmas when I found out I was getting a puppy. She is Chihuahua Pomeranian. I remember how excited I was; I even already picked out a name for her, Hannah. The day I was getting her, I was sitting in class, and I kept looking up at the clock. It seemed like class was taking forever. When school was finally out, I had to wait another hour until my mom was off work, and I could meet her at her gym. I remember driving to Clearfield, excited. When I finally got there my mom walked outside, holding a blanket with my little puppy cuddle up inside it. She is white with baby blue eyes. All I did was just smile and awe. She was so cute! Her little head poked out with her cute little ears sticking up. When we were heading home, she kept getting out of her blanket and tried to walk around, and whining. I was curious to see what my other dog would do with a puppy in the house.

I got home and opened the door. My other dog, Harley, was already waiting in the door way. He could tell I was holding something because he kept wagging his tail and trying to jump and see what was in my arms. I put Hannah on the ground. Harley slowly walked up to her and kept jumping away. He seemed excited, and didn’t know what to do. I put Hannah on the ground, and Harley kept trying to play with her and licking her ears. I could tell that they would get along perfectly.

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