July 19, 2008
By Jamie Fuller-Day, -, SC

The morning was so beautiful that i felt as if i was trespassing on something not meant for human eyes.So perfect, so peaceful,that only gods were worthy of it.It was very early,i could tell by the silence and the dewdrops which hung like diamonds on the leaves.A soft lovely mist hung in the air,but instead of a chilling, it seemed to have a warming effect on me.
It was a perfect morning in every sense - tranquility hung in the air,a smooth breeze blowing,my windswept hair and flushed cheeks, and the warm feeling inside me, calming me.But it shouldnt have been like this. It seemed wrong,unreal,that after a night of such trauma,dawn should assume such a pleasant form.
Scenes from last night flashed in front of my eyes-the doctors,the hospital,the bodythe tears,the sense of shock,disbelief,denial.
And yet i felt at peace,as if it was all a figment of my imagination.Sure, the deat was still present in some corner of my mind, but i did not obsess about it now as i had done till some hours ago.
As i turned to so,my eyes caught sight of a plant full of blooming,pure white lilies.I stared in disbelief...this plant had not borne any flowers in the seven years i knew it.
Even as i felt tears in my eyes,blurring my vision, i realised why i felt so calm and peaceful.
It was your parting gift to me mom, my favourite lilies

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