Dead Girls Do Write Letters

July 18, 2008
By Young-T SILVER, Glendale, Arizona
Young-T SILVER, Glendale, Arizona
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"A Gangster Is Usually A Young Boy Who Followed A Figure Who Had No Father Figure" - Young T

“BOOM,” she heard a loud gunshot echoing in her ears, as she woke up. She went to go see herself in the mirror to make sure she was alright, but her reflection isn’t all she saw. As she gazed at the mirror in shock she saw the bloody letters forming the words, “BE WARNED ANNA, FOR SOON IT WILL STRIKE YOU AS QUICK AS LIGHTNING.” She yelled so loud it was as if she were going to lose her voice in a couple of seconds. Immediately she grabbed the phone and dialed (911). As soon as the police got there, the horrifying sight was gone. The police thought she was hallucinating, so they sat her down and asked her some questions. “Can you please state your name and age?” “My name is Annabel Cruz and I am twenty - three years old.” “Annabel can you tell us exactly what you saw?” “I saw gruesome letters spelling out, be warned Anna, for soon it will strike you as quick as lightning.” They kept asking her questions, finally when they were done they told her if anything else happens to call the a.s.a.p. After they left she went straight to work. Her boss started yelling at her for being late. She tried to explain but he cut her off telling her if she’s late again she would be terminated. Then she got straight to work. She worked at an old factory and didn’t make that much money. After work she took no time to go anywhere but back to her house. She was watching T.V. when she dozed off into a peaceful sleep. While she was sleeping she heard an unusual voice saying, “ YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TOLD THE COPS ANNA. IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE A SECRET ANNA. SOMETHING MIGHT HAPPEN TO YOU ANNA.” She couldn’t take it anymore, all of a sudden she woke up sweating bullets. She kept telling herself it was a dream. She went to the bathroom to wash her face, and when she looked in the mirror she didn’t see her imitation this time. Instead she saw her dead little sister writing on a piece of paper. She turned around and her sister wasn’t there, when she turned back to the mirror, she saw bloody letters appear in front of her as if she was watching someone write them. The letters spelled out, “COME PLAY WITH ME ANNA. I MISS YOU A LOT. COME VISIT ME SO YOU CAN PLAY WITH ME. COME ON ANNA, YOU’RE GETTING CLOSER, JUST KEEP COMING TOWARDS ME.” She stood there in fright not moving as if her feet were glued to the floor. She exaggeratingly unfroze and called the police once more. When they got there everything was gone, she told them what had happened, but they just laughed and said dead girls don’t write letters. After the cops left, she jus sat down thinking of everything that had just happened. A few hours later a neighbor called the police reporting he had heard five gunshots come from Anna’s house. This time when they got there, they saw Annabel lay dead in a gory sight. The next day in the newspaper there was a letter everyone kept talking about. When one of the cops who saw Anna dead read the letter he had a severe heart attack from shock. The letter was dedicated to all the cops Anna had me before she died. At the bottom of the letter it said, P.S. IF DEAD GIRLS DON’T WRITE LETTERS THAN HOW DID I, ANNABEL CRUZ WRITE THIS ONE.”

The author's comments:
It says written by Young T because thats who I'm known as so i use that as my pen name. My old teacher, Ms. Pennachio, had made a really fun writing assignment and thats how i came up with this. So i i'd like to thank her for this writing.

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