Was it a dream

July 17, 2008
By amariah wood, Conneaut, OH

It was a normal day at the beach.The light breeze from the waves slowly danced agianst my skin. Children ran around wildly while thier mothers laid out soaching in every harmful ray of the beautiful summer sun. Amoungust all the comotion i noticed something that didnt fit, it was a boy. A beautiful boy he had glowing blonde hair and evenley placed freckless. The thing i noticed most about him thought was that he was alone he stood right in the middle of the croweded beach but thier was no one near him. My curiasity finnaly caught ahold of me and i walked toward him and asked " were is your family why are u alone". i waited but no response he just went along smiling and staring straight out into to the water. As i began to walk away he took my hand and lead me to the water. then next thing i know i was deep so deeep in the water all the sounds of the beach were gone. When i opened my eyes it was amazing thier it was my answer right in front of me. A long haired mirmaid and a large merman swam up to me greeting me and thanking me for returing thier son. Then just like that i awoke right where i had feel asleep on the beach. When i told my mother she justtold me that it was a dream the could never have happened.

The author's comments:
i hope the readers will be drawen into my story and maybe find a second to imagine the unimagineable. i choose the picture i choose becuase its very mysterical and seems to have a hiden meaning to it like everything in life.

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