The Red Ring of Death

July 17, 2008
By Cunav Puthur, East Brunswick, NJ

"Click-click boom". It was a great day when I got my first Xbox 360. When I was just about to embrace a new gaming experience, all of my brother's friends huddled around it, leaving me unable to play the new game Halo 3. My great desire to play was ruined when I realized I had homework.

With hesitation, I had to work on my homework. Just reading the directions were frustrating. If I were playing the game and listening to the action and trauma, maybe I would enjoy it. The game is a first-shooter meaning you only see the weapon and the hand. It is almost like you're the soldier. Listening to superior commanders would create a real comfort zone for my ears. Instead, I have to use my over-radiated, exhausted eyes and continue my homework.

When I finally got a chance to play, it was amazing! The graphics and the game play were incredible. I didn't notice how fast I was moving my fingers. I could even see the action scene in my mind like it was reality. I hear the superior commanders creating a comfort zone in my mind from stress. My exhausted eyes see picture, instead of frustrating words.

Suddenly, my T.V. turned black and everything stopped. It was an awkward silence until I heard a buzz that was the red ring of death, a failure of the Xbox when your power button turns crimson. The destruction and the chaos I felt. My Xbox was broken! I got straight to work. I called Microsoft. They didn’t even pick up the phone and all I got was some annoying elevator music. Finally, they picked up. They told me to send it in. A whole month passed. I had gotten my treasure back. I felt the same experience when I played it the first time. However the more I played it, the more I came to realize that it interfered with my schoolwork.

One day, I went to school. I felt the rage when I was picked and I didn’t know the answer. It hurt inside when I took a test. When I looked at the questions of a story, all I knew was Halo. My grades came down and I was becoming irresponsible.

The last time I played Halo, I felt more devastated than ever. This triggered the screen to go black again, and the red ring of death came back again. It was almost like God made it happen. Now, I had a chance to be happy once more and start fixing my own red rings of death.

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This article has 1 comment.

Static said...
on Aug. 22 2008 at 5:01 am
Haha man I feel your pain ;) But why did you choose to right about Halo when you could've written about the superior Gears! Nice one, very descriptive, but the ending was quick.

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