Cherry Candy

July 16, 2008
By Jessica stead, Christiana, PA

Everyone says that if you fall down, you should get right back up again. So should I pick you up, clean you off, and put you back where you came from? Now tell me, is that really sanitary? Maybe I should just let you lay on the floor and rot. No, you are too sweet, I could never let you down like that. You are plump -not fat -just round; and still from a separate perspective, you are pencil-thin. Your skin, so rich in colour and flawless to touch. You smell so nice -fresh as cherries. -I can't take it anymore! It's so overwhelming! I must have you! Forget the five second rule, candy -you're mine!

The author's comments:
This was a fun little piece that I suddenly felt inspired to write. I was longing for a piece of candy and this popped into my mind! I hope it doesn't gross you out too much! Enjoy!

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