What a Night

July 16, 2008
By Meri Setyan, Bayside, WI

There are memories you have that you never want to forget. Well, I have a memory that I wish I could forget:

It was a Thursday morning when I woke up. Slowly trying to get out of bed, I reached for my radio to turn it on. I looked on my phone to check my messages and I noticed I had one missed call. Looking at my clock then at my phone, I figured it was late enough to call back. As the phone was ringing, I got dressed and went to go to the kitchen.

“Hello?” the voice said.

“Hi, did somebody call me from this phone?” I answered.

“Yes, is this Ashley?” the voice said.

“Yea, who is this?” I replied.

“Hey, Ashley, this is Vince.” he said.

“Vince? Hey, what’s up? Why are you calling me?” I asked confusingly.
“Yea, I was at the mall yesterday and I saw you and your friend Safari there.” He stated. “ And I was wondering if you guys would like to go with me and Moe to the movies tonight?”
“ Wow, movies? I don’t know about that. You and Moe are like our brother’s best friend. If they found out we went anywhere with you guys, they would kill you guys then us!” I exclaimed.

“ Well its just going to be friendly. So how bout it?” he said.

As much as I wanted to say no, I was bored with my summer, so I made up my mind and agreed to go.
Later I called Safari and told her the news. She was thrilled! She and Moe had a thing for each other for the longest time but her brother always stood in the way.

I drove over to Safari’s house that day and we got ready there. Safari wore a black tank top with her favorite white short shorts and my shiny new heals. She looked great as usual. Safari was used to having attention all on her, sometimes she didn’t even have to try hard. Boys just adored her.

Later that night after the movies, we all decided to go to Vince’s cousins house.
He told us that they were out of town and that his cousin let us use the house.

We saw nothing wrong with that. Vince walked away from us and made some phone calls. When he came back he announced that he invited a couple of other people too. Safari and I got real nervous.

“Vince!” I exclaimed. “ What are you doing? Who are you inviting? If anyone finds out we’re together, you know how much trouble we’re going to be in.”

“Don’t worry, no one is going to find out. The people I invited don’t even know your brother.”

Safari and I looked at each other in disbelief.

“Everyone knows my brother.” I Claimed.

As soon as the others came, we waited for Vince to put the code into the garage door.

“ I can’t believe we’re doing this, Safari.” I mumbled.

“I know, but don’t worry, Ashley. What can go wrong?” She assured.

Every time I hear those words, something always goes wrong. We walked into the house. It was an old house, probably made in the 50’s or so. It had antique furniture and squeaky floors. We crept down the stairs and into the basement. Vince and Moe walked toward a wide closed closet and opened it. They took out some Vodka and some other drinks I wouldn’t ever try drinking. Safari and I never were much drinkers but that night we made an exception. Everyone grabbed a shot glass and poured until their shot glass was full.

“1,2,3,” one of the others counted out loud.

As soon as I put my glass down, I heard my phone ring. I ran to my purse and grabbed it before any one could hear it; it was Jarred, my ex boyfriend. Safari noticed the expression on my face and knew it was Jarred calling. I make the same expression ever time he calls me. It was an annoyed expression. As much as I didn’t want to answer, I did.

“Hello?” I said unhappily.
“Hey, Ashley, thanks for sounding so excited. What are you up to tonight? I want to see if you want to chill.” Jarred ranted.
“I’m sorry.” I said sarcastically. “I’m busy tonight, how about some other time?”
“It’s always some other time. Whatever.” He murmured sadly.
“Hey, Ashley. Who you talking to?” Vince interrupted.
“No one,” I answered.
“Doesn’t sound like no one to me. Safari just told me who you were talking to, so don’t be lying to me.” he argued.
“Well then why did you ask?” I argued back.
“Okay you want to play this game. I will.” he decided.
“What? What are you talking about? What game? He called me and I answered. He’s just a friend, calm down.” I replied.
“No! Don’t tell me to calm down. I am calm. Why are you answering phone calls when you’re with me? That’s rude and disrespectful.” he wailed.

I hate having stupid arguments so, I asked Jarred if he could pick me up and take me home. Vince was furious. He took out a cigarette and started to smoke it. Moe came up to me and asked me what was going on and I told him. He then told me that Vince retired from smoking 2 years ago. I didn’t understand why he would start again now, the argument wasn’t even a big deal but I didn’t care.

I grabbed my purse and Safari’s hand and rushed upstairs. Moe and Vince followed.
Jarred was waiting for me at the corner with his big blue 1968 unknown minivan.
He loved that car. I never understood why.

I let go of Safari’s hand and by the time my hand could reach my pocket, Vince grabbed it.
“Ashley, if you go in that mans car I am going to kick his a**.” he expressed.
“No way! You touch him, and I will call my brother and tell him everything. He will forgive me but never you.” I responded.

Moe called out, “Vince get back here!”

I started walking towards Jarred’s car. When I heard police sirens, Safari and I quickly hit it. We ran to Jarred’s car and got in. He sped off before Vince could reach us.

“Why’d you guys run?” Jarred spoke.
“Because we heard police sirens, and we didn’t want to get caught for drinking underage, and for staying past curfew.” I pointed out.
“ And because Vince is crazy! He said he was going to kick your a** if she got in the car with you.” Safari admitted.
“ Wow, who cares, I could take him.” Jarred said with ease.
“No way, he’s actually kind of crazy. He’s been in jail three times in the past two years. You don’t want to mess with him.” I revealed.
“So why did u go out with him?” Jarred questioned.
“I told you I was bored with my summer. I didn’t think he was that crazy,” I laughed.

On our way home we all giggled and reminisced about our crazy night. We vowed to not to tell anyone about it and to just put it behind us.

Jarred dropped us off at my house. As usual we had to sneak in through the window in my room to not wake anybody up. We changed into our pajamas and crawled into bed.

“You hear that Ashley?” Safari whispered.

“Yea, it sounds like some ones here.” I said fearfully.

We got out of the bed and walked up to the entrance of my house.

“OMG, ITS VINCE!” We shouted fearfully.

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