July 17, 2008
On the outside looking in, it seemed like a perfect family, but on the inside, it was something very different. She was trapped.

We moved here to Paris about two years ago, after “The Incident”. I love Paris and all the people here. I love the schools and my friends. But I don’t love the reason we’re here. I live in a large flat. I go to a private school almost an hour from here, and it is awesome. I wouldn’t mind living here if this is where I was supposed to be. It’s not though. I’m supposed to live in Indiana, all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. I don’t know why they brought me here or at least the whole reason.

Chapter 1

“Let me go!”

“No! You need to come with us!”


I flashed back to real life.

“Jenny, will you please tell us the formula for speed?”

I was in Science class at my school in Paris.

“Oh yeah, sorry, speed equals distance divided by time.”

“Very good.”

I went back into my memories.

“Get in the car Jenny!”

“How do you know my name? Who are you?”

“You don’t need to know that, just get in the car!”

Then the bell rang. I snapped out of it once more and I gathered my books and exited the classroom into the hallway.

“Hey Jen, wait up!”

It was my best friend Courtney.


“What was up with you in there? You’re usually so attentive and you’re always the first to raise your hand. You were like zoning out. What’s wrong?”



I made a quick right to lose Courtney and I went right to the Girl’s bathroom. I washed my face off with some water. Then I took a few deep breaths. This is what Lauren always tells me to do when I get upset like this. I guess you could call Lauren my mom.

“Jenny, all you need to do is take deep breaths. Everything will be fine if you just come with us.”

“No! I don’t want to!”

“Jen, are you in here?”

It was Courtney again.

“Sorry, I thought you knew I came in here.”


“Oh, it’s okay.”

“So are you coming with me and Ryan to lunch?”

Ryan was another of my friends.

“Uh, sure I’ll be right there.”


“Jenny, we’re going to take you to your parents we’re going to take you back to your house. Your mom asked us to pick you up! Trust me!”


I shouldn’t have gotten in that car.
Chapter 2

“I’m home!” I said.

“Hey, Jenny!”

It was Cameron. He was like my dad.


I went into the kitchen where I knew I would find him.

“Can I go home now?” I asked.

“Jenny, you know you can’t. You know why you’re here with us, and you can’t go back ‘til Lauren and I get what we want.”

“Then how come you don’t let me call them so I can tell them what you want!”

“Because I said.”

This is how my conversations with Cameron went.

“Lauren!” I called.

“Hi, Jen!”

I walked to her room and layed down on the bed.

“Can I call home?” I asked.

“Did you ask Cameron?”


“What did he say?”


“Then that’s the answer.”

I rolled my eyes and went off to my room. Then I turned the TV on.

“Severe wind in parts of the United States. Some of which include states of Indiana and Ohio.”

I flipped the switch and went back into the kitchen.

“Can I at least have an after-school snack?” I asked Cameron.

“Take what you like.”

So I did. I also grabbed the phone when Cameron had his back turned.
Chapter 3

“Hey, do you know when Parker is gonna be home?” I asked Lauren.

“Yeah, Cameron just went to pick him up from school.”

Parker is Lauren and Cameron’s son. He’s adopted and he’s also the same age as me. Except we go to separate schools.

“Jen, give me the phone.” Lauren yelled at me.

I guess she was looking for it and couldn’t find it.

“No.” I was being extra snotty now.

“Okay, Jen, this isn’t funny. Cameron and I have been really nice to you and we’ve given you almost everything you wanted. Now, don’t you owe us anything? Do you feel grateful for anything Cameron and I have done for you?”


“Give me the phone! Then go to your room and don’t come out until tomorrow. You don’t get dinner.”

“Fine, I don’t care.”

I went to my room, threw the phone out into the kitchen, and slammed the door.

“Thank you!” Lauren called, obviously annoyed.
Chapter 4

“Jenny, are you awake?” I heard a whisper, it was Parker. It was also 3:00 in the morning.


“Ok, good. I know what happened with you and Lauren today. I want to help you get out.”

“Are you serious?” I inquired.

“Yeah. Now I need you to go get Lauren’s cell phone. I’ll have your window open by the time you get back.”

I hurried out of bed and into the kitchen. Lauren’s phone was charging. I unplugged it and ran quietly back to my room.

“Why are you doing this, Parker?”

“’Cause I know you want to go back home, and I want to come with you.”

“Uh, Parker, you can’t do that. Lauren and Cameron are your real parents. Well not biologically but they adopted you.”

“How can I be so sure? Just let me come with you.”

“Okay, so how do we get out without someone waking up?” I was interested at this point. This might actually be the time I get out and stay out.

“You go down the fire escape ladder first and I follow.”

It was such an easy plan, but it just might work.

“Ok. Just let me get some clothes first.”

I grabbed a small tote bag and started filling it with whatever I could see. Then I quickly but carefully climbed out the window and down the ladder. Once I got about halfway down, the wind started blowing really hard. The ladder shook all over the place. It made a lot of noise. That would definitely wake either Cameron or Lauren up.

“Jen! Be quiet!” Parker called from my room window.

“Hurry! Come down here! Quick!” I yelled back.

He got onto the ladder and closed my window. He came down really fast. By the time he was halfway down, I was at the bottom. The wind was still heavy and picking up. The ladder was still making lots of noise.
“Come on, Parker!” I rushed him. I didn’t want Cameron to come chase us down. But alas, it was too late. My window was sliding open and Cameron was sticking his head out.
“Jenny, Parker, get up here now!”
Parker and I ignored him and once Parker got to the street, we ran as fast as we could. I turned around once and saw Cameron struggling to get out my window. He fell. Now, our floor is only the second floor so he didn’t get hurt that bad but we weren’t going to take the chance of slowing down.
Chapter 5

Once Parker and I got to the train station, it was 4:30 AM. We went to the ticket counter and asked for tickets to the airport.
“Parker,” I said. “I don’t have any money.”
“But I do.” Parker replied. He showed me his pockets and he had a huge stash of money. He probably stole it from Cameron and Lauren.

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