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October 22, 2012
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In truth, no one can really describe what it’s like to fly.

You may have ‘flown’ on an airplane, yet, that’s not really flying. When you fly via plan, you’re inside something. You don’t feel the wind, or smell the air. You don’t hear the beating of wings; only the steady hum of the engine. It is sad to think that many people have not experienced the true joy of flying. They say, I flew on a plane yesterday, and it was wonderful. But that was it really wonderful? Or was it just fun, enjoyable?

If only they’d flown on the back of a eagle. Then they could say, yesterday I flew with a eagle, and it was exhilarating. But can you really fly on the back of a eagle? Are there any eagles big enough to carry one of us? And then, what’s the difference between flying on the eagle, and flying as the eagle? As i said before, quoted from my teacher, no one can really describe what it’s like to fly, so how would we know?

Well let me tell you. My teacher stated, no one can really describe what it’s like to fly; because no one has really flown. But if you ask me, there are a few beings out there who know the real meaning of flight. Beings who have really flown with the eagles.

One of them is me.

I stood on the edge of a great cliff, overlooking the vast beyond. The scene was still darkened by night. But soon, the victorious sun would rise to his heavenly throne, once again ruling the skies. I stood in waiting, feeling the early morning breeze run through my tangled hair, gliding around my dark skin. As if the breath of wind were a trumpet call, the revived army of the sun marched over the horizon. Segment by segment of the sky was conquered by the rays of hope; hope for a new day.

Hope for a new flight.

I crouched, reading myself for the right moment for lift off. I watched as the rays of sunlight spread across the blanket above, and filled the forests below with its smile. Eyeing the light as it drew near to my position, I slowly stretched my arms out, feeling the slight tug of gravity. As the delicate tendrils of sunlight crawled over the edge of the cliff and extended their fingers towards my cold toes, I felt my body begin to change.

It started with the tingling in my toes where the sun’s warmth first hit me. Then, as the warmth spread up my body, so did the tingling. I heard the rustle of feathers below me and knew the transformation had begun. Soon I’d be up in the sky with my siblings, brushing the sky with my fingertips. The rustle of feathers grew louder; I glanced down, watching as the sunlight shined on more and more of my body and the feathers sprouting where the light had touched. When the light hit just below my shoulders, the feathers began to grow out instead of up. Two beautiful eagle wings began to form.

My body shivered, not from cold, but from sheer delight. The moment of freedom was mere seconds away. As soon as the sun had completely covered me, I spread out my wings and jumped off the cliff. I felt the rush of air around me; with a quick flap of my wings I shot straight up, straight up the cliffs edge, and into the sky. There, in the endless expanse of the sky, i met my brethren, their wings also fully grown and full of life. We dived and danced through the sky to our hearts delight.

Life truly is great.

It was then that I heard the deafening boom of thunder. I turned to see dark clouds rolling in, blocking the light, the source of our flight. I floated where I stood, held by utter awe in the size of the cloud before me. If the sunlight no longer touched my body, my flight would disappear, but I was too open mouthed to make a move. My siblings darted off in all directions around me, refusing to bow to the great cloud. When, at last, I gained control over my body, it was too late to follow my siblings. Yet, if I were quick enough, i could dive down, under the cloud, emerging on the other side before my flight completely disappeared.

I took a deep breath, then dived down, down, down; underneath the cloud.

The darkness enveloped me. All sunlight was shut off in a blink of an eye. I heard my sisters calling for me to turn back, but I’d already gone to far. I beat my wings with all my might, forcing the light-less flight to work. The other side was so close i could almost touch it. If I stretched my arm out. … I felt something cold and wet. I looked up; it was the cold daggers of rain. I cried out and beat my wings faster only to find them unresponsive. Their time was up. I was doomed. I felt the air rush up from underneath me.

I was falling.

I shut my eyes, tight. Stupid, stupid, me. If only I’d chosen another path. If only I hadn’t done something so risky. I was gonna die. I knew it. No one could survive a fall from this height.

Life truly is short.

I felt the rain pelt down on me as I fell, pushing me further down. The cold air around me caused me to shiver. My fingertips turned numb. My lips turned blue. My toes turned tingly...?

I gasped and opened my eyes to see the smallest, most glorious ray of light peeking through the cloud above. I stretched my arm out to touch the light. The warmth of the light began to spread across my body. I felt the pure heat of the sun in the iciness of the rain. Hearing the rustle of feathers behind me, i turned my face to the sky, towards the ray of light. I spread open my wings and gave them one big swooshing beat. Then another, and another, and another. My fall began to slow down.

I began to rise.

I began to fly towards the light. Drinking in every drop of warmth and hope. The sunlight tickled my frozen face and brought the colour back. Beating my wings with new found strength, i burst out of the cloud, and into the bright day. I cried out in victory as i dived to greet my eagle brethren.

Yes, no one can really describe what it’s like to fly.

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Bibliomaniac said...
Jan. 12, 2013 at 7:24 am
No one can really describe how to fly. No one can really describe what it's like to read a good short story. Keep writing!
Shen4 replied...
Jan. 13, 2013 at 12:47 am
humm ... maybe i should write a story that starts with 'no one can descibe what it's like to read a good story' :P    thanks for the comment
Shen4 said...
Nov. 5, 2012 at 3:46 am
glad you liked it :)
HesperAurora said...
Oct. 28, 2012 at 8:07 am
Really descriptive! I liked it, haha.
Shen4 replied...
Nov. 5, 2012 at 3:47 am
glad you liked it :)
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