October 20, 2012
By livetodie BRONZE, ---------, California
livetodie BRONZE, ---------, California
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Jake was hers for two months. His beautiful strawberry blond hair, his captivating hazel eyes, and his contagious laugh belonged to her for two months. In such a short time you would think someone wouldn't be able to fall in love, but she did. They were together and she loved him, but that love was one-sided.
Arianna tried so hard to make him fall in love with her, but no matter what she did he would still have his eyes on another girl. Alexis looked similar to Arianna. They shared dark brown eyes, curly brown hair,a sun kissed skin tone, and they even shared a fun personality. What was it that made Jake fall in love with Alexis and not her she always thought.
At two months, she broke up with Jake. She spent hours crying into her pillow and talking to her stuffed panda. When she finally stopped she logged onto facebook to see his profile for the last time. She looked and saw that his status was still "in a relationship". She thought he hadn't changed it because he was sad over the break up and went to bed. What she failed to read was "in a relationship with Alexis".
The next day during band class she was speaking with her best friend about what happened. In the distance she saw them. Jake was running his fingers through Alexis's curly brown hair. His captivating hazel eyes locked with her deep brown eyes. It lasted only seconds but to Arianna it felt like days. She felt a pounding in her heart she had never felt before. It was as if it were about to burst through her chest. Thinking it couldn't get worse, she saw their lips interlock. For an instant she died in disbelief. Her vision became blurry as tears threatened to escape. She ran to the nearest girl's restroom leaving a trail of tears behind her.
Locked within a cold stall in the restroom, she cried. She cried tears of razorblades. The pain of seeing them together was too much for her to bear. It had been only a day since they had broke up and yet he was with Alexis. "How could he have moved on so quickly?" she thought to herself. It was then that the truth dawned on her. Jake was the boy that caused her this agonizing pain. But Jake was the boy that she loved dearly. Jake was the boy that moved on from her so quickly. Jake was the boy that was and never will be hers..

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