The Sun

Clouds are all I see. My name is Mike, and I’ve never seen the sun. Some people say it’s bad, that is hurts your skin. But all I care about is the sun.

It’s so cold in my room that even my blankets don’t help. The sun will never warm me.

Around the fire at night, the Elders tell of a time when the sun shone bright and true. Its golden rays touched everything and made it all so alive. Now the world is black, and the sun is no more.

The Elders say it is because the sun died, but I think the sun is hiding. I am going to find the sun.

After another long day of no sun and horrible cold, I buttoned up my three jackets and pulled my ski mask tight over my face to protect myself from the cold. I go outside, and call the sun, yelling for it to come out and play.

But nothing happens. The sun doesn’t come out. The sun still hides. I just want to see it for a moment, just to feel its warmth.

I look up at the sky and see something, a glimmer of gold. It catches my eye, and I gaze at the spot where I saw it, the golden spark like a piece of heaven in my mind.

There it is again! But this time, it’s a little further away. The sun was coming out!

Suddenly, a huge wind comes and knocks me down, but the sky is moving, all the black is flying away as if it was being chased by something horrible. And all I see is more gold, for the sun is out, almost!

The clouds continue to fade away, writhing like giant snakes in the air. And I can feel the world warming up, and I take off one of my jackets.

At last the evil wind stopped, and the sun stands high in the sky, looking down on me with a smile, saying, “at last, I have been freed of the evil clouds, and now I can live warm again.”

People are coming out now, staring at the sun as he slowly warms up the fields. The trees blossom, the grass turns green, and all that was black now has colors I only heard about.

The Elders rejoice, for they thought they would never again see the sun. But now they have.

My name is Mike, and I made the sun come out again.

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