Tuesday Blues

October 19, 2012
By Rusty Teller SILVER, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Rusty Teller SILVER, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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Tuesday Blues by Russell Teller

Beep! Beep! Beep! I awoke to the sounds of the blaring alarm clock. The red letters read 6:05 a.m. This was the earliest I had gotten up in a while. I laid my head back on my pillow and fell back into the darkness and wonderment of my dreams. Beep! Beep! Beep! “What!? I must have fallen back asleep; I wonder what time it is,” I asked myself. The clock now read 6:50 a.m. I slept almost an extra hour. I rolled out of bed and knew I had to get ready for the upcoming day of school.
I threw on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, my black sneakers, and a sweatshirt because it was a bit chilly. It was abnormally dark outside, but I paid no attention. I drank down my breakfast shake and visited the bathroom before I left. My parents wished me the best as I jetted past them and out the front door. I got outside and hopped into my Black Durango that has been a part of my family since I was a little boy. The fender is all scratched up with dents everywhere from accidents of incompetence. I take the keys from my pocket and click the button to unlock the doors. I climbed into the car that used to be a huge mountain when I was tiny. The soft seats welcomed me back and I put the keys in the ignition. I turned the lights on and blasted my music as I drove to school.

The drive was nothing out of the ordinary, just a few minutes of music blasting as I turned corners and passed people walking towards school. I occasionally lowered the volume when the songs grew louder because I did not want to wake anyone up or be disrespectful. I passed buildings I have known since I was a boy and reflected on memories I have had in them. I am thankful to have the car and be able to drive it. I thought to myself,” I am thinking too much” as I drove into the parking lot.
As I pulled up, I looked at the car clock and it read 7:09. I parked, shut the car off, grabbed the keys, grabbed my bag, and locked the doors as I rushed toward the school. Numerous things raced in my mind as I passed stragglers taking their time. I hoped I remembered to grab everything and lock up the car. There was only two minutes left before A.M. Concert Band started, and I could not afford another office detention. I sprinted full speed into the class as the bell rang and felt good as if it was going to be a good day.

Halfway through the period my phone started vibrating in my pocket, but I ignored it because I figured it could not have really been that important at the time. I went on in class and everything seemed normal. We played the normal music we practiced every day. The director made the same comments he usually made. It just seemed like another day. At the end of class I pulled out my phone to see what I missed and saw there were two new messages. I opened it up and read a message from one of my best friends.

Dude, you left your headlights on! I don’t know why you aren’t answering, but you better take care of it before your battery dies.

The words on the screen of my phone just slapped me across the face. I felt as if I had just done something extremely horrible. I threw my phone into my pocket and took off running at full speed toward my car. I threw open the school door and took off even faster. I finally reached my car and fumbled with my keys as I tried to pull them out of my pocket. I finally got them out and unlocked the car. I jumped in and flipped the switch, but realized it was too late, it was already gone.

I sank back into my seat as I realized I messed up big time. I did not know what to do or anything. I felt like an idiot. When suddenly there was a knock on my car door. Outside the car standing was my best friend Dom. Dom is one of those people who you know makes your life a little bit better every day. He is an 18 year old chubby, yet fun loving guy. He is about an inch or two shorter than me. We have been friends for the last three years, ever since we met freshmen year at marching band. When he first talked to me I knew he was someone who genuinely cared about not only band, but about people in it. After about a year of barely talking something happened and as quick as a blink we were best friends. I’m still not too sure of how it happened, but I can tell you I’m glad it did.
“I figured you weren’t going to make It.” said Dom.
“Yea, I’m such an idiot. My parents won’t trust me with the car again.” I sighed.
“Well I’m here to help, I got your back man.” he said as he showed his jumper cables.
“Thanks so much! You’re a life saver.” I cried as I got out of my car to help Dom.

Just when I believed I was alone and helpless, Dom was there to help. He proved he was a true friend, because he is always there when I need him. We hooked up the cables and successfully jumped my car. As we hooked up the car I felt warm and comfortable. Nothing was awkward or anything, because my best friend was there for me. A smile came to my face as I thought of the things Dom had done for me in the past and what he had just done for me. I extended my hand to him and shook his hand and thanked him for all he had done. He simply looked me in the eyes with a very serious look. I asked if everything was ok. His response was short and simple.
“Oh yeah, your car is fine, but I just have one question I want to ask you,” said Dom.
“What?” I asked as I braced for any mean questions he would ask about how stupid I had to be for leaving my lights on or something, but no he once again gave me a serious look.
“Do you want to go to McDonalds for lunch because I’m hungry?” asked Dom.
I laughed at the seriousness of his face while asking me and was able to choke out “Sure Dom.” Somewhere in between my laughter. We unhooked the cables and put them back into Dom’s truck. We turned off the cars and he handed me my keys.
“If you ever need me man I’m always here to help.” he laughed.
“Sure I’ll keep that in mind.” I said.

If you are ever fortunate to have a true friend like Dom, then never take advantage of it. They are a blessing in disguise, to keep you warm on a cold freezing night, or to pick you up when you fall. True friendship is a beautiful thing that I am fortunate enough to have. As I reflect on the long day I have had and all the mistakes made and all the surprises waiting around every corner, only one thing comes to mind…”WHAT A TUESDAY”.

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