Just a dream...

July 12, 2008
Abandoned in an infinity of oblivion, I look void, I feel hollow, I am a meagre silhouette trapped here and incapable to flee this seemed perpetuity.

Tiny oozes of radiance fell from the vast, unseen skies somewhere up above. I, who was not even a decent structure of matter, felt timorous.

It was not very long before the little flow of glow started increasing in amount. In time, light began to pour from the skies. Light had seeped into every far-off corner possible. The vibrancy overpowers those shone from the sun.

My eyes were shut with terrified tightness. I waited, vaguely aware of my shaky body. Awaiting the painful instant of when the luminosity will start to char my useless body, and reduce it to mere vestiges.

I waited the light to start seething, boiling my contaminated soul, as retribution to all of my pitch-black sins of damnation. I waited, and waited, but the white-hot pain did not arrive.

Slowly, my eyes were opened when my senses unmistakably detected the feel of warmth. Eden was the only word I could use to describe was I saw.

I hesitated, for it is considered cruel and unusual punishment to allow me to witness such a glorious spectacle. Hidden down inside, I was dreadfully convinced that all of this is just a hallucination and will poof away very soon.

Nevertheless, it was not just an illusion as I had thought, because I may well feel the soft verdant grass tickling my naked feet. A vast garden lay out fresh and fragrant. The garden look so huge that it could go on eternally, and I started running across it liberally, to capture the supreme splendour of nature.

White songbirds with a single glossy gemstone each for their little bibs, different according to the beautifulness of their voices, fluttered around my head, and started to sing with humanly tones. Vivid colours of butterflies were clear when they, too, started to fly close to me.

The scent of fresh, brilliant crimson roses teased my nose, letting the fragrance to be sucked directly into my brains. My head felt light in tranquility. Never before had I experienced such a lovely feeling.

The large garden began to sprout new multi-coloured florae right before my eyes. Sunflowers whose petals truly flickered with flames from the sun, marigolds whose petals are really rock-solid bullions and bluebells with sweet azure chimes dangling from its stem and making its ‘ching ching’ sounds. A number of flowers I have never seen or heard before. Such as a particular flower made out of genuine chocolate. Another blossom was made out of honey.

Great green trees that stood 7-foot-tall but appeared so close for me to reach out and touch it, glistened with more gems and jewelleries so stunning that each had twinkled like flamboyant stars. Each tree carries clusters of different jewels. The smaller ones had gems such as rubies and sapphires and emeralds, but the greater ones hold the queen of gemstones, diamonds.

I dared myself to reach out and stroke the beautiful diamonds when a lake of crystal-clear water caught my eye. My reflection beamed at me, and waved from the surface of the water. I did not notice this before, but my body had materialized to look so beautiful and human from just a shadow.

Then, a new phiz reflection appeared in the water, standing right behind me, and I turned my head at once. An angel stood far away, radiant with suppressed shine, but in spite of everything, is still the most handsome creature in the entire garden. He smiled.

After only a few moments of watching, the angel turned and started to saunter away with his lengthy white frock swishing behind him. He did not speak a word, and simply walked away. I was startled, and instinctively began to pursue him. He was walking very gracefully, devoid of hurry. But the faster I attempted to catch up with him, the further the distance between us became. And his light, that carefully concealed light, could almost raze my eyes if I stared at him for overly long.

I opened my mouth to scream out to him, to make him pause for me, but no voice came out of my throat. I shouted for a second time, but once more, there was merely stillness. The birds stopped singing, and gradually, the beautiful panorama around us vanished. Zero remained other than the angel and me. I was back in the black infinity, and when I slowed down, the angel halted.

“You don’t belong to the Light,” certain chilliness crept up to the angel’s speech as he said so, “you belong to the Darkness.”

The voice turned rough and abrasive from melodious and pleasant. The angel turned about elegantly to face me, and I screamed hysterically. I did not recall when the angel departed, for the reason that I was too jammed up in my own dismay.

I was isolated in oblivion once more, more apprehensive than ever before. Solitude that became a mountain in my heart twisted to a swift panic. Large beads of tears fell down from my raw eyes and I commenced to rush forward, running with lacking directions, to regain the Light once more.

‘What was the reason to show me the powers of the Light, and then throw me back into the wretchedness of Darkness again?” I bawled out to particularly no one, but had the monster-faced angel in mind, “Answer me!”

“This is not yet the full extent of Dark, because the real Darkness is just starting,” said the coarse voice but no angel was anywhere near me. With those icy words, the endless black skies began to rain. At first, I did not notice the shower, but then I realized with creeping horror, that it was raining blood.

I started crying harder and ran to flee the blood bathing me, but to no avail. Everywhere I went, the rain would still be pouring down on me. By the time I spotted something curious in a mass not so far from my position, I was drenched in dark blood. I felt utterly sickened to move but braced myself to go closer to the heap.

I finally reached the heap, slipped on the wet blood and came crashing down on top of the thing. I opened my eyes slowly and comprehended that it was a nude reddish-skinned person. My fingers were trembling but I turned the thing over so that I could make out its face.

I screamed in mental woe, aghast entirely by the horrendous stiff lying at my base. But it was undeniably no outsider, that dead thing. It was, implausibly real, me.

And as those screeches of mine grow strident, my eyes snapped open with tears brimming my blurry vision. With a wobbly tone, I whispered to myself, ‘It was just a dream.’

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