July 11, 2008
By Danielle Babcock, Saint Joseph, MI

They trusted her with the fate of the galaxy. She wouldn`t fail them. She walked past the leafy gardens, back straight.
"I won`t fail." She said aloud. The plants seemed to look at her and nod. Her dragon, Skye, seemed to sense her tenseness and bowed as the girl saddled her. She waved her good-byes to the people as they watched from their tower.
"Good luck, Alex." One coughed. "You are our only hope."
Skye flapped her wings as she ascended through the heavens and into space.
Jade exited her sister`s room. Her sister`s fever was getting worse. Shana almost didn`t know who she was. That had brought Jade to tears. She ate her dinner in silence with her parents. Even they were stricken with grief. She grabbed a tray with food and took it to Shana`s room.
"Jade..." She barely whispered.
"I`m here. I brought you food." Jade tried to smile as she helped Shana eat.
"Thank you..." She mumbled."Stranger."
"No. I`m Jade. Remenber?" Jade choked back tears. Shana nodded back to sleep. Jade took the tray back to the kitchen.
"She`s getting worse, Mom." Jade cried." Are you sure there isn`t a cure?"
Her mom looked at her, her eyes too were red from crying. The look on her face told her no. Jade walked to her room. Shana wasn`t going to get better. Everyone was getting the sickness. Some died. Her two year-old cousin, Krista, had died. No one had the cure, not even the the best scientists did. Jade laid on her bed. She wished she had the sickness and not Shana. Her eyelids drooped as she fell into a pitiful sleep.
Alex looked through her binoculars.
"Target is still inside. Have you been working on it?"
Skye transformed into a nine year-old girl. Alex glanced at her picture.
"Close enough." She sighed. " Can`t you change the eye color?"
The girl shoke her head and turned back into her dragon form.
"We come in at night. Are you ready... Shana?"
Skye transformed back into the girl and nodded.
Footsteps. Muffled ones. Jade opened her eyes. Someone was at her door. Her eyes adjusted to the darkness.
"Shana? What are you doing up?" Jade asked sleepily.
Shana clinged to the door, her deep sapphire eyes stared at her.
" What`s with your eyes?" Jade got out of bed. "What`s wrong?"
Shana left the door and down the hallway as Jade followed behind her. Shana walked into a moonlit room.
"Shana?" Jade asked. "What is it?"
Shana turned around and looked at her. All of a sudden someone was ontop of her.
"WHAT TH-" Jade yelled as the person stuffed a smelly rag in her face. Her words faltered as the smell over came her.
"Great job Skye. Did you see anything worth taking taking?" The person whispered.
Skye shook her head.
"Alright." Alex shrugged as she slumped Jade onto her shoulder. Shana opened the window as they made their escape. They headed for their small camp. Skye returned to her dragon form as Alex lays Jade down and saddles Skye.
"Think you can carry her?" Alex glanced towards Jade. The dragon nodded. "Alright. Just be careful."
Alex wrapped Jade in a blanket as Skye carefully grabbed her in her frontclaws. Alex climbed up on Skye.
"Ready?" Alex asked her.
Skye leaped into the air and flapped her wings as she carefully ascends into the sky, Jade asleep in her claws.
I will stop this now to 1} Keep you hanging like any good Author, 2} There`s a lot more to go and I don`t have the time to continue, and 3} Well, there isn`t a number 3 but you get the idea, right? Until next time....Hopefully

The author's comments:
I wrote this between classes and every bit of free time I could get a hold of. Some parts might not make sense because of this and it`s a lot longer then what I can enter, it`s probably going to have to be segmented. Hope you like the first of many, many segments.

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jrommel said...
on Sep. 2 2008 at 7:22 pm
great start, can't wait to see how you connect all of the different plot points. Enjoyed reading.


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