You Wont Last A Minute: Alicia's Point of View

I was watching Kyler and the rest of his band practice in Aaron's garage. I was sitting on one of the couches trying not to fall asleep. I felt my leg vibrate. I reached into my jean pocket to pull out my cell phone. Zach was texting me.

"Mum says she wants you home for dinner."

"Okay I'm on my way." ,I texted back.

I got up from the couch I was sitting on, and waved Kyler so he would know I had to go. Kyler nodded in response as I left.
For my mum family time is sitting around the television eating pizza for dinner. My mum never did know or care that my own father abused me. They only divorced because my mum cheated on my so called father. Both parents were only child's so I have no aunts or uncles, no cousins ether. Both grandparents are dead, mum says I met them when I was an infant but I don't think that really counts because I don't remember, nether does Zach. And as for what my dad is up to now, He's in jail for raping some chick. My mum is always out woman now she says she doesn't trust men I don't know why if anything men shouldn't trust her.The only real family I have is Zach, my identical twin brother. I also have a boyfriend, Kyler, I'm also friends with his band mates. Aaron, I've known since sixth grade. He does the vocals for the band. For some odd reason he's always acted strange around me. Ryan plays rhythm guitar, it's clear he has a thing for Spenser, but I don't think Spenser feels the same way, he plays bass. Brendon is always so quit he never really says anything to anyone, he plays the drums. They have a name but it's not official, but for now they are Jynxed Bleed.
I finally arrived at my house. I should really get my license it's a pain to have to get everywhere by foot. I mean I'm all ready seventeen, Zach all ready has his license.
I walked in the door only to be yelled at.

"Where were you?!" ,my mum screamed. "You better have not been with that God damn boy again!" ,she continued to scream.

"Leave him out of this, yeah I was with Kyler, I was watching him and his band play." ,I yelled back.

"Don't you raise your voice at me! You were so pose to be back by six! it is now six thirty! What were you doing for thirty minutes?! You were screwing him weren't you!" ,she yelled again.

"No I was not! I had to walk!" , I yelled back.

"Don't lie to me, and because of your bad behaver and your lateness you missed dinner theres none left for you!" ,she yelled again.

"What the heck are you talking about theres five damn slices left!" ,I yelled.

"You don't diserve dinner! Go to your room!" ,she screamed one last time as I walked to my room i heard her call out,

"Zach!" As Zach came out of his room he looked at me with pity in his eyes. As
I got to my room I shut the door behind me. Minutes later there was a knock. I got up an answered my door to see Zach with the box of pizza in his hands. I opened the door wider for him to come inside.

"Thank you." ,I smiled.

"I would have warned you but I didn't know my self." ,Zach said.

"Don't worry about it, it's not your fault she always yells at me." , I said. "I think I'm going to go to bed, I've been really tired lately, good night Zachy." ,I said as he left my room.

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DifferentTeen said...
Aug. 2, 2011 at 7:43 pm

I like it, but it just seems unrealistic. I couldn't imagine her mother yelling those things at her, and just beacause she was 30 minutes late? Well, I coudn't relate but maybe other people could.

Keep writing! (:

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