Valkyrie Blood

July 10, 2008
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The story so far… Emphy found out about Jared’s ‘secret’… He’s a werewolf! Thus, Jared spilled the beans about his triplets being werewolves as well! Emphy and Jared got into a fight and aren’t talking to each other for the time being.
I glared broodingly out the classroom window. I looked, and saw that the trees looked like White-Out had been poured on them. I looked into my reflection, and saw the boy I knew many years ago, piercing blue eyes, fair hair, and a smile that was always on his face. But that boy is long gone. Instead, there is a young man with hair dyed purple and green highlights, with piercing blue eyes, and a jaw clenched shut. The eyes looked like they belonged to a soldier who has seen too many wars, too much pain. Things a regular teenager shouldn't see. But that's not me. I am a social outcast, and I don't care what people say. My keen eyes detected a shadow that was curiously shaped like a person. It took a few minutes but I deciphered it as a person. Although, this was no ordinary human, His heart was almost not beating. He was staring at me! I looked into his eyes… ruby red. A low growl emanated from my throat. It was him. And he was looking past me. I stole a glance over my shoulder. Emphy was glaring at my head, seething. Oh crap! He smelt Emphy’s blood! I run up to protect Emphy, but she was already gone. Good, get away, let Valkyrie take over. I saw the shadow move, and then time stopped. Please let Emphy be safe! Time continued. I ran out to see Emphy. Too late. The shadow was leaving and Emphy was on the ground bleeding from a severe neck wound. I let my Wolf instincts take over. I howled (literally) in pain, and followed the disgusting sweet smell of the vampire. I chased down the vampire and tore him apart. Before he died he said, “Emphy will need to be detained soon, her heart is slowing I can hear it. My venom is sinking in.” I ran back to Emphy, only to find her crawling around like a blind dog. She looked up when she heard my feet pounding on the hard linoleum when I ran. Ugh. She smells disgusting now… What will I tell the others? If I tell them, they’ll kill me! Well, they’re too late. Nothing can save me now... I took Emphy’s hand and bit down so that my canines cut the skin. “I’m thorry I know it will hurt… But conthider it thaving you.” I sucked her blood and I got a disgusting sweet taste in my mouth. “Jared? What are you doing?” I looked into her eyes, and saw they were her normal color. I was so surprised I swallowed the blood in my mouth. I collapsed on the floor. “Teacher! Something is wrong with Jared! I think he might be having a seizure!” The last words I heard were, “I’m sorry Jared. I’m so sorry…” I felt something patter on my face. I thought it was blood but it didn’t smell like blood at all. Tears. I reached my hand out to touch her face. It was soaked. I dried her tears with my sleeve. Don’t cry. You won’t look like the same Emphy I know. I opened my mouth, and all that came out was a squeak. All went black after that…

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