July 11, 2008
By Samantha Rosenthal, Margate, FL

“What happened to you?” my mom exclaimed as I walked through the door.
“Nothing,” I quickly replied as I rushed into my room and locked the door. As I looked in the mirror, I noticed my braids were half-undone. My skimpy, blue Dorothy outfit had become tattered and muddy. I had lost the basket with the stuffed Toto and the ruby shoes hours ago.
I shed my ruined costume, disposed of it, and jumped into a shower. The hot water washing away the evidence of my nightmare, so I could wake in the morning and see it wasn’t true. I swallowed a dose of sleeping pills and crawled into bed.
It was noon when I awoke the next day. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I left my room to discover that no one else was home. I grabbed a bowl of sugar-filled cereal and made myself comfortable in front of the TV.
Whoever used the TV last had left it on the news. The headline read Teen Found Dead. The nightmare was real. The news reporter said that the girl was yet to be identified, but appeared to have been dressed up as a witch for Halloween the night before. I knew that she was dressed as the wicked witch of the west, and I knew her identity.
“If anyone knows who this girl may be, or what happen here last night, please call…,” the news reporter urged.
I knew.
But I couldn’t tell.
My other close friend came through the back door, using the emergency key. She was still wearing the Glinda costume, though it was in no better condition then the one I disposed of the night before.
“It really happened,” she whispered. “It wasn’t a dream.”
I just stood there silently, not knowing what to say.
“We have to tell.” she whimpered, “We have to.”
“We can’t tell,” I said inconvincibly. “You know what will happen if we tell.”
“I need to tell, I need to.” she sobbed as she raced through the door.
I didn’t run after her. I knew I couldn’t stop her. Soon after she left, I heard my mom pull into the driveway. I turned off the TV and rushed to my room before she could question me about the previous night. I took another dose of sleeping pills and dozed off.
By the time I woke up, it was well past midnight. My mom had already gone to bed, so I turned the TV back on. Second Teen Found Dead was the new headline. The screen showed a split shot of my two friends, both still in costume.
I turned the TV off, before I could let the facts sink in. On my way back to bed, I noticed that I had a new email. I didn’t recognize the sender’s email address. There was no subject. I knew the email couldn’t have anything good in it, but I opened it anyway.
Ding, dong, the witches are dead
Both the bad and the good
Now the only victim left
Is the little girl in blue

Your friend tried to tell, so now I have to kill you too.

I should have been scared. I knew my end was near. Instead, I just went to bed. I grabbed my sleeping pills and swallowed a dose. I looked in the bottle. There was about three or four doses left. I swallowed all the pills.
And I went to sleep.

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