The Dragonslayer

July 9, 2008
By Spencer Durrant, Santaquin, UT

The red dragon flew low over the rugged grassland, his wings beating effortlessly. A few miles to the north sat the town of Dorund. The town was legendary for its numerous attacks by dragons. And an attack was exactly what the red dragon had in mind.

Hoping to get a few kills before night, the dragon sped up, the ground beneath him a blur of green, gray, and blue. The blue came from the River Soson, went right through Dorund. Soon, Dorund came into sight. It was a large town, full of thieves, poverty, and corruption. Nothing good had ever happened in Dorund. As the dragon cleared the wall, people screamed and archers hurried to their posts. The dragon roared gleefully, and breathed fire all over. Soon, the entire lower district of Dorund was ablaze. Yet there was one thing the dragon didn't think of when he attacked. The Dragonslayer.

The Dragonslayer was the only man, if you could call him that, that had ever killed a dragon. And he made a living out of it. The dragon had forgotten the Dragonslayer lived in Dorund.

As soon as the Dragonslayer heard the roar of the dragon, he got his sword, which was stained red from dragon's blood, and hurried out the door. He could see the dragon flying, breathing fire and occasionally snatching up a person for a snack.

As the Dragon got closer, the Dragonslayer prepared his best weapon. It was a small,gold arrow that he could control with his mind. He threw it into the air, and it seemed to fall back to earth before the Dragonslayer reached out with his mind, into the arrow. The Dragonslayer sent the arrow hurtling upward, through the air until the dragon came into the arrow's path.

As soon as the dragon saw the arrow, he tried to turn and flee, but the Dragonslayer was faster and sent the arrow to the base of the dragon's neck, where it embedded itself three inches deep.

The dragon roared, then fell slowly, and landed with a thump on the ground, knocked out from the poison in the arrow. People gathered to see the fallen dragon, and the Dragonslayer pushed his way through them all, raised his sword above his head, and plunged it downwards, into the dragon's back.

The dragon twitched, then lay still. The Dragonslayer removed the golden arrow, then started walking towards home.

People tried to stop him in the street, to thank him, but the Dragonslayer merely ignored them, and continued on. As he reached his home, he saw a man standing outside the door. The man's name was Jarmand.

"What do you want?" asked the Dragonslayer.

"To tell you why that dragon attacked here tonight," replied Jarmand.

"You think i didn't realize what that was? I knew he sent it," growled the Dragonslayer.

"You mean that Golgogath sent it?" inquired Jarmand.

"Yes. Who did you think sent it?"


"That makes sense, but the black magic that was around that dragon could have only come from the one who wanted to kill me," said the Dragonslayer solemnly.

"Well, I hope you survive," said Jarmand. And with that, Jarmand turned and walked away.

As the Dragonslayer entered his house, he sensed an evil presence.

"Who's here?" he called out.

"Golgogath," came the deep, rumbling reply.

With a mighty curse, the Dragonslayer drew his sword, lit a candle, and faced Golgogath. Golgogath was a large, broad man. His skin was burned black,as were his eyes. He had no hair, and he carried a broadsword as wide as the Dragonslayer's chest.

"What do you want from me?" asked the Dragonslayer.

"Revenge. Since my pet didn't kill you, I will," replied Golgogath.

"Why? What did i do to you?" asked the Dragonslayer.

"You nearly killed me! How could you forget? I was once the most feared dragon in the land, but then you took it upon your self to rid the land of me. And when you had me cornered, instead of killing me, you did the worst thing. You made me human. When you turn a dragon into a human, the only thing the human wants is to be a dragon again. You knew it would torture me for the rest of my life, and so I have come here to kill you."

With a roar, Golgogath leaped forward, and cut the Dragonslayer on the arm. The Dragonslayer raised his sword, and swiped at Golgogath's head. His sword missed by a hair's breath. Golgogath and the Dragonslayer fought on and on, each wanting to kill the other. But the Dragonslayer was a hardened warrior, and he tired very slowly.

Golgogath slipped, and the Dragonslayer took the opportunity to cut off Golgogath's fighting hand. Golgogath stared at the severed stump, and looked up at the Dragonslayer. The Dragonslayer was the last thing Golgogath ever saw, for the Dragonslayer lopped off Golgogath's head. And so it was the great demon Golgogath died.

The Dragonslayer looked at the body before him, and said, "now I have fulfilled my destiny as Dragonslayer."

And so it was that the Dragonslayer's destiny was fulfilled.

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