A rose for Emily

October 17, 2012
By Anonymous

A rose for Emily

The woman looked at the other who lay brooding in the casket. She may have been pretty one, but all that remained of her former beauty were her eyes. Somehow they had avoided rot and decay, but what more could one expect when they lay drowned in a well for three years. So the woman stared at the corpse, with sad and reproachful eyes. The lady in the casket was Emily Hemlock who if she where alive would be twenty two years old. The other woman looked away from Emily and remembered.

The two men looked at one another then back at the house. Then they began their dastardly work. One was supposed to lay in the road like he had been hit by a car while the other was to go into the house and steal some jewelry, some cash, maybe a toaster. But, of course, things didn't go as they should have. Everything was going according to plan, until the kid decided to get in the way. One man threw her into the closet then went out and dragged the mother to her bed, then slit her throat like some sort of sacrifice. A sacrificial cult of thieves. The little child “an eight year old girl who was none other than Emily Hemlock”, saw everything and started to cry, then when the men left laughing vilely she cried louder. Her tears quickly turned from tears to blood. She shred her clothes until they where ribbons hanging loosely from her body. She then did one of the most unexpected things a girl can do in her situation. Emily started humming a lullaby, only to start singing but in a twisted form of the song.

Rocking high, baby
in the tree top
when the gun blows,
the breathing will stop
when the branch breaks the baby will fall
and down will come Emily
to a bloody bloody fall

the police didn't find Emily until three days later, when neighbors were noticing that her mother, had not left the house since that night. They where horrified to find the mother completely bled out on the bed. They did not find Emily until two days later. When the police where searching the house they opened the closet Emily was locked in she promptly lunged at one of the police with a knife as she was supposed to have one at all times. It took a lot of work to clear Emily's name as not being a suspect, and even then there where still doubts.

Eleven years passed by and to Emily they where certainly the most miserable years of her life. She was often made fun of, mocked, on occasion beaten, and had other horrible things done to her, as she had become a dark beauty. She had raven hewed black hair, and skin that resembled that of the new dead, pale and beautiful.

Eventually she went to live on her uncle's farm they where in her mind much better than the city she had taken residence in. for a while Emily was at peace then she started dreaming of her mother, the three days in the closet, and the two thieves. Around that time the farm was going to be sold and destroyed to be used for a hotel. After looking at these events Emily new what she was going to do...

The woman who had been looking at the casket looked at the body once more. She adjusted a raven black strand of hair from her face and whispered something in the corpses ear. Then kissed the forehead of the now vacant body. She would find the men that had ruined her life and torture them into madness. The woman started walking away then vanished into thin air only leaving one trace that said she had been there, a spot on Emily's head shaped like a rose bringing flesh back to her body but not life. It would stay there forever no matter what happened it was and always will be, a rose for Emily.

When I wrote this I was basing it off of a dream I had one time right before a friend of mine died so it is kind of a tribute.
We love you Emily.

The author's comments:
When I wrote this I was basing it off of a dream I had one time right before a friend of mine died so it is kind of a tribute.
We love you Emily.

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