June 15, 2008
"yum" said shela after smelling her white ball dress that she had just picked up from the drycleaners. Ding went the door bell and she rushed to open it, it was salley she had came over so they could get ready for the dance togeather after thee hours of promping they were ready salley had on a light blue dress and a little blush, some mascara and a small amout of blue eye shadow shela on the otherhand was wearing a white with red pokadots dress and had some coverup and mascara.

when they got to the balll it was lovely. Shela saw a man and studyed his face he wasn't from around there salley noticed and said" thats john he's new, they say he's quite the sweet talker." "Oh I bet he is" shela said in a womenly way. Then suddenly he walked over. "What brings you over here." said salley "Well I was just going to ask this yough lady to dance" shela slightly noded and followed him to the dance floor. They got caught up in a slow song and at that moment as she lay her had apon his shoulder and slowly he wispered in her ear I love you and she knew it was true.

remember this is fiction I mean this could never really happen or could it try to prove me wrong.

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