The Summer Night

October 17, 2012
By amlarson BRONZE, Hamill, South Dakota
amlarson BRONZE, Hamill, South Dakota
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This year my whole summer was packed into one week. This week was the only week I had for vacation from my job. This is an example of one night.
One summer night my friends and I were going to go to a night club. My friend Sammy made me a fake driver’s license so I could get in. I am only fifteen and quite short so we put lifts in my shoes to make me look taller. I was wearing a black pair of jeans and a black long sleeve western style shirt. My friends said that I looked like a guy. I thought that they were just teasing me as usual. My first clue that they where entirely serious, came when I was standing in line waiting to have my fake driver’s license checked, so I could go in the club. The bouncer that was in charge of checking I.D.s looked over the rim of his sunglasses said, “Sir, you certainly travel in very pretty company.”
I looked at him and was about to say something when my other friend Sarah said, “Why there you are, I have been looking all over for you honey.” Sarah calls everyone ‘honey’ but the bouncer didn’t know that. Now Sarah is what you would call a pocket Venus type of girl and apparently the bouncer fancied himself in love with her.
The bouncer asked, “Once my shift is done do you want to have a drink with me, oh, forgive me, what is your name?”
Sarah smiled and said, “My name’s Sarah, and I’d love to.” She smiles at me as we walk in and says, “That, my friend, was too close.” I agreed.
We walked in the club and sat down at a table. Sarah went to retrieve the drinks and I asked for a Dr. Pepper on ice, as soon as she was gone there was a steady stream of girls going by my table. They wanted to flirt with me. The one girl asked me if I was there with a girlfriend and I laughed in her face. She looked at me strangely and then turned bright red when I told her that I was a girl. Sarah came back and asked me what had been going on. I told her and then we both had a good laugh over the story. While we were talking the band set up and began to play country music as loud as their speakers could play.
A little while later Sarah gave me our sign that meant that someone was staring at you. I looked over and sure enough a guy was staring at me. I shrug and ignore him. Sarah and I continue to talk to each other. After some time the same guy came over and yelled over the band, “Man, you are lucky. I have been trying to get some of those same girls to talk to me all night and they wouldn’t even give me the time of day.” Sarah and I exchanged a look and made our sign for ‘Romeo’. A Romeo is a guy that just wants you to hook him up with someone.
I laughed and shouted, “Dude, I would definitely be lucky, if I were a guy.”
He blushed and muttered, “Oh, well you want to dance then?”
Just as I was about to tell this guy were to stick his offer James shows up with some other guy. He looks at me and looks at the other guy and sums up the situation in a glance. Now James knows that I have a hot head and that I don’t suffer fools lightly.
He gives the other guy a warning glance and says speaking loudly to be heard over the music, “Sorry buddy, she’s my date.” I just roll my eyes and smile at him.
James sweeps me off to the dance floor before someone can say something that will set me off again. Of course, with my luck the band decides to play a waltz. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the waltz. The fact is that the song is a slower song and you have to be close to your dance partner. I make a face and James rolls his eyes. He says, “So, why were you about to punch that guy’s face in?” I tell him the whole story from the very beginning. He laughs and says, “Will you introduce me to one of them?”
I laugh and say, “Won’t Bridget mind?” Bridget is James’s girlfriend.
He makes a face and mutters, “You have a point.”
We dance the rest of the song in silence. Once the song is over we go back to our table. While we were dancing, Sarah was making friends with the guy that came in with James. His name is Brian. I introduce myself and Brian and I exchange information about our lives. We find that we have a lot in common. Brian has three younger siblings and so do I. He lives on a ranch and so do I. The only difference is that we live in different states. While we were talking I told him about the man that had come up to me earlier in the evening. This man had told me that I was an inappropriate lady and that I should not be allowed to be seen in public. While retelling the story to Brian I added a description of the guy, I also said, “Thank goodness I don’t have to see him again.”
Brian looked around, pointed to a guy standing at the bar and staring at me and asked, “Is that the same guy?”
I said, “Yes, I wonder what he is doing here.” With those words the guy walked away from the bar toward me. I thought that he was headed for the open table a little ways away from ours.
The man stopped at our table and yelled at me and started cussing. All the patrons looked at him. When he finally stopped for a breath one of the men asked me if anything he was saying was true. I told him that the guy apparently disliked me for some reason. Then the idiot started in on my family. I could feel myself begin to lose my hold on my control. I turned to Brian and told him that unless the idiot shut his mouth in the next two seconds I was going to do something I regretted. Brian said that whatever I started I had plenty of backup. On that note I turned to the idiot and said, “You can cuss me all you want but no one insults my family.” With that warning I hit him in the nose and he went down like a rock. When he climbed to his feet his nose was bleeding and he was cussing up a storm. I hit him in the gut, and then some of his buddies came over and tried to sucker punch me in the back. That was all the encouragement the other patrons needed. The club burst out in yelling, cussing, punching mayhem. While the others kept his friends off my back I put a one-two combination on his jaw and the idiot was down and out for the count. I turned around and found myself back-to-back with Brian. When we finally found a second to ourselves we asked if the other was hurt. While we were talking the idiot came off the floor with a roar and then we put him back down again. The bouncers finally managed to stop everyone from fighting, and Brian told me that he had never had so much fun in his life.
We parted ways for the night. The next day we meet in a park to say good-bye before I headed home and Brian headed for Texas. Before he left he gave me a necklace with a horse shoe with fake diamonds around it. On the horse shoe is a gold colored horse head, it hangs from a dainty, gold colored chain. I warned him before I put it on that I don’t wear much jewelry. He said that I would wear this one a lot. I had to ask him why he picked such a dainty necklace and he explained that it was a lot like me. I took that as a compliment, and we parted ways as very good friends.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this when my teacher told me that I was a very good fictional writer.

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