Life Cut Short

October 16, 2012
By Anonymous

Ellie was not in the mood to get up. In fact, all she wanted at that very moment was so throw her blanket back over her head and pretend like she didn’t exist. She was feeling depressed, which for rich, popular, pretty Ellie, was an odd feeling. She had everything she could possibly want, a nice car, huge house, designer clothes, she was even captain of the cheer squad. Up until recently her life had been perfect, that is until the whole school started to hate her, she lost all her friends, and worst of all, her boyfriend of almost 4 years broke up with her. Ellie knew that she shouldn’t have done what she did, but she couldn’t take it back. So instead she had to be punished, and there was nothing she could do to change it.

Slowly she got up and started to get ready, she looked at the clock and realized that there was no way she was going to make it to school on time, and since she was already late, there was no reason for her to hurry now. She took a nice long shower, and made sure her outfit, hair, and make up looked just right. Just because she didn’t feel like the queen bee any more, didn’t mean she couldn’t still look like one. Ellie walked down stairs to find her mom in the kitchen reading a magazine of some sort. She walked to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water and an orange. Her mother jumped and looked up.

“School started an hour ago, why haven’t you left yet?” Grace, her mother, asked sternly.
Ellie answered back with a bored tone, “I didn’t hear my alarm and woke up late mom. It’s okay, I’m not going to die from missing one hour of school!” And with that she turned and walked out the front doors to her car. Ellie hated talking to her mom, and her dad for that matter. They were never around, so she saw no point in informing them about anything going on in her life. They weren’t even aware that she had been accepted to NYU in the fall.

On the car ride to school Ellie drove past her old best friends house, Martha, and saw that her car was there. Ellie also saw that another car was there, one that looked very familiar. In fact, so familiar, that she could tell you just what the inside would smell like. This was the car that she had ridden in many times before, the car that had taken her to and from school, on dates, and even to another state. This was her ex boyfriend, Blakes, car. She had heard gossip around school that Martha and Blake were hooking up now, but she never believed it. Now, seeing it with her own eyes, she believed it. Ellie couldn’t breathe, she had to pull over. Tears started pouring down her face, snot out of her nose. She couldn’t believe that her old best friend and boyfriend were seeing each other. She felt like stomping over to the door and confronting them, but she knew that would get her nowhere. The only reason they were seeing each other is because of what she did, and she knew that. Ellie sat there and started thinking about that night at Nicks party, the night that ruined everything. The night that Ellie wished she could take back.


It was Halloween, and Ellie and Martha were headed to a party. Ellie was dressed as a Sailor and Martha as a Naughty Nurse. Both girls looked sexy as ever, and they couldn’t wait to hear it from everyone at the party. This was just a party though, this was THE party. Marthas boyfriend, Nick, threw a party every year that everyone who was anyone went to. The girls arrived at the party, and instantly Martha ran off to find Nick. This didn’t upset Ellie any, she had her own boyfriend Blake to find. As she walked through the crowd of people, someone came up behind her and wrapped their arms around her waist. And whispered in her ear, “Well hello there pretty lady, you are looking mighty ravishing tonight!”

Ellie jumped and turned around. She saw Blake standing there smiling. Standing on her toes she reached up and kissed him. She could not believe that she was dating the hottest guy in school, even after 4 years of being together.

“You scared me. I thought you were some drunk creep.” Ellie pushed Blakes shoulder playfully.

“If it was some creep I would have had to beat them up. No one gets to mess with my Ellie besides me. Besides you know everyone here, and all of them know to keep there hands off of you.” Ellie knew that Blake was right, no one would even attempt to mess with her, but only because of the fact that she was dating the star quarter back who could kick their ass.

After some dancing, and drinking, Ellie decided to take a little nap. She had been to Nicks house enough times that she knew where his room was, and that he wouldn’t mind if she slept in there. Knowing that she was way to drunk to even think about going home she texted her mom telling her that she was staying that night with Martha. Then Ellie climbed the stairs and headed to Nicks room. Luckily enough for her there wasn’t any drunk couples hooking up on his bed, so she wouldn’t have to worry about kicking anyone out. Ellie plotted down on the bed and almost instantly fell asleep. Or was about to at least before someone came out of Nicks bathroom. She was about to yell and tell them to leave, when she realized it was just Nick.

“Hey there, sweet sailor girl. Hows it goin?” He was totally wasted, but Ellie could still understand what he was saying.

“Good, I was just ganna take a nap. Can’t go home like this ya know?”

“Ya, I know. You look freakin hot by the way, I forgot to mention it earlier.”
Nick had been slowly moving closer to Ellie, and was now touching her leg. She didn’t know if she should be concerned or not, and before she could decide, Nick kissed her. He was a really good kisser, and Ellie didn’t want to stop, but she knew what she was doing was wrong. Nick was her best friends boyfriend, and her boyfriends best friend. There was no good outcome of this. But then again, they were at a party with tons of people, and hidden up in his room. If Blake or Martha came looking for either of them they would probably fail. This conclusion alone was enough for Ellie to decide to keep kissing Nick. Soon Nick was unzipping Ellies costume, and taking it off of her. When he accomplished that, he took off his shirt. Just when he was about to take off his pants, the door opened, and in came Martha. She immediately started screaming at the two of them.

“How could you do this to me? We have been friends for 15 years, and this is what you do to me! We are so done! We are so done that you don’t even know how done we are! I am going to make your life hell!”
Ellie had no idea what to say, and she didn’t get the chance either, Martha has moved onto screaming at Nick for the moment.

“You lying cheating bastard! I never want to see your stupid face again! I can’t believe I trusted you!”
Now Ellie knew she should say something, but all she had come up with is “this isn’t what it looks like”. But it was exactly what it looked like, and Ellie knew it. She also knew that no matter what she said she couldn’t change what had just happened at school.

On Monday everyone at school had heard about what happened at Nicks party between Nick and Ellie, and Ellie wanted to die. She just could not believe that she had betrayed her boyfriend and best friend like that. She also couldn’t believe how many people were mad at her now, it’s not like she did anything to them, so they had no reason to be mad at her. But they were, everyone was. Everywhere she went she got stuff thrown at her, and got called a slut. Ellie saw Blake and Martha and tried to apologize, but neither would hear it. For the first time in her life, Ellie felt alone.


Now a few months later, Ellie was still paying for what she had done. Everyone was still being rude to her, and calling her names and throwing things at her. Boys sure seemed to like her, they seemed to think that she was an easy hook-up. They had no idea that she was a prude and never would have done anything with Nick if she hadn’t been completely and totally drunk at his party. None of this seemed to matter to anyone though, and Ellie came to the conclusion that she would just have to deal with it. But dealing with it was being becoming difficult. She didn’t like being bullied, in fact she had always hated bullies. When she was popular she was never a bully to anyone, in fact she stuck up for people being picked on. Now the kids that she had once stuck up for have turned against her, and are giving her the same treatment they used to receive from people. Ellie just didn’t see the justice in this.

She got home from school, and as always the house was empty. She ran upstairs to her room, and into her bathroom. Ellie just couldn’t take this anymore, everyone was harassing her, students, teachers, everyone! And now her ex boyfriend and best friend were hooking up?! This was all just too much to take, and she had been taking it for far too long. Ellie wrote a note to her mom and dad telling them why she was about to do what she was doing, and then swallowed a whole bottle of pills. She then went downstairs and grabbed three bottle of vodka from the alcohol cupboard and downed those. Ellie went to bed after this, and just laid there. She slowly drifted off into oblivion, and knew that soon her pain and suffering would soon be over. No one would be able to call her names, no one would be able to throw things at her, and most importantly, no one would be able to make her feel unimportant. Ellie would soon be released from all this, and that thought made her laugh and smile, until soon she couldn’t laugh and smile any more.

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