Where am I

October 15, 2012
By , Willow Springs, MO
“Where am I?” Bryan pondered to himself?

It was more quite than a graveyard at the stroke of midnight except for a low humming sound that sounded like a card in the spokes in a kids bike, but quieter so much quieter. The smell of people was in the air like a cloud of body odor and sweat, and it hung there like fog after a fresh rain, but with the mixture of dankness like and old barn or an abandon house that had the wood and drywall rotting out of it.

“I have to get out of here.” Bryan thought with his anxiety rising.

He lay down spread eagle with his arms out in front of him and started to make the motion of making a snow angle, like he used to do as a kid. Back when he could actually enjoy the beauty of the snow that is.

“God I miss that.” he whispered to the distant memory.

The floor was cold, but not like ice. More like glass in the middle of November, and was smooth like a granite counter top just put in a new kitchen. As he moved along he suddenly hit the top his head on something. He jumped back in surprise. His breathing ragged like he had just ran a marathon, until he realized it was just a door of some kind.

‘It’s just a door Bryan.’ He told himself trying to calm down.

On his hands and knees he crawled to the door and reached up and felt for the lock. It was a sliding bolt that held it shut. He slid it back an opened the door. It slid open with a kind of squeal that would make some ones teeth vibrate, and make their ears feel funny after. He crawled along the opposite wall with his hand out in front of him so he didn’t hit anything unexpectedly again like before.

‘Where could I possibly be?’ he muttered fiercely.

The room was a lot larger in this part, he could tell by the feel of it and the way the echo from his movements seems like they would never end then at the last moment bounce back like the kind of surprise you get from a jack in the box. He stopped and started to think about the last thing he remembered.

Thinking aloud ‘I was in the mall, and I had Jack with me. We were walking down the main strip, and then we turned right took 30 steps took a left then 17 steps and stopped in the bathroom. And that’s it.’ Bryan finished.

‘So that’s where I must be, and that would explain the smell in here, and feeling of the floor. But why can’t I remember anything?’ He thought furiously.

With his mind racing he checked his back pocket looking for his wallet. Not there. Still thinking as fast as he could he felt for the watch his grandfather had given him. Not there. He leaned against the wall with is head in his hands not able to believe what was happening. He felt something warm and sticky.

“What the hell?” Bryan muttered to himself.

Then like an avalanche it all came flooding back to him. Memories of his entire life were running through his head. They were like flashes of light changing every nanosecond, making him feel as if he was at a club with the strobe lights going nuts. He remembered where he was and why his head was bleeding so badly. Then all of the sudden he heard a sound that made his heart skip a beat.

“Jack!” he yelled as loud as he could.

Bryan had herd the sound of the most important of his life since the ascendant that almost ruined his life ten years ago. It was a head on collision with a diesel truck on the freeway. The driver of the two ton truck was drunk, and crossed the median and hit me going over seventy miles per hour. The impact put me in the critical care unit for almost a year. Yet even though they could fix all my broken bones, and all the gashes that went bone deep they still couldn’t fix the sight in my eyes. Large pieces of glass on impact logged there way into them. After I was all healed up I was assigned a seeing eye dog named Jack. That was the noise I herd in the distance. And in a rush a door opened and a rush of fresh air hit me in the face that I welcomed as much as a summer breeze, and I herd the sound of Jack running to meet me. But there was someone with him. The person sounded big, but not big as in obese big. Like a strong kind of big, the foot steps were even and fluid but heavy, and they walked with a bold kind of purpose. With my arms wrapped around Jack I spoke out though I knew my voice wasn’t going to be anymore frightening than a child’s.

“Who’s there?!?!” I managed to say stifling my fear. “Stop!”

“Sir please calm down.” said the strange man kindly. “I’m here to help you. My name is Arthur, and I found your dog wandering around the mall barking his head off. I’m a security guard here, so I followed him to this bathroom where I found you. He must have been trying to find help for hours by the looks of your head.” finished Arthur.

“I’m so embarrassed.” I said. “I cant believe someone actually robbed me in the mall bathroom. If I still had my vision this would have never have happened.” I choked out.

After Arthur found me he called for medical emergency to come and help me to the hospital to check my head for signs of a concussion. Using the security cameras they found the man who assaulted me and stole my things. I got my grandfathers watch back with all my other belongings.and i turned out to be fine and my pride healed soon after along with my head.

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