October 15, 2012

I AM HATED. One day, the dreadful thought crossed my mind. I am despised more than the lowest, most stupid blob that ever oozed across the face of the earth. Why? Why am I lesser than dirt? Oh, yeah. Maybe it’s because I stab people with my snout and suck their blood. But do I have a choice? If I consume anything else, I would wither up and die a long, drawn-out death. It’s not MY fault I was born how I am, but out of all things, a MOSQUITO?

Uh oh, it’s twilight. It’s that time again when my stomach becomes my brain. I try to resist, but my body does nothing. I can feel my wings beginning to lift me off the leaf I was perched on and carry me to a human sitting at a campfire. Inside, I am screaming. Come on, wings! Don’t obey my appetite! NO! Oh, Lord, help me! I can’t control myself! WAIT, I CAN’T DO THIS! STOP, BODY, STOP!!! NO!!!

Before I could repent to God, I was already swallowing the rich, red liquid. As soon as my appetite was appeased, I could control myself again. THIS IS MY BIG CHANCE, I thought, as I flew in front of the man’s nose. SMACK! I became paralyzed with pain; the man had smashed half of my body flat. I could feel my consciousness beginning to weaken. For the first time in my life, I was happy…

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