Sleep Witch

October 3, 2012
By RastaDarling BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
RastaDarling BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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“Sleep Witch!” the young girl squealed as loud as her little voice could go. Crowds of terrified people were running past me. Thud! my knees hit the ground as I was knocked over by one of the frantic people struggling to escape. Suddenly the town was silent, and then I felt I hard tug at my hair pulling me to my feet. I was motionless unsure of what to do. Crack crack crack, I heard behind me, it almost sounded as if someone was cracking their neck very loudly. “ Why haven’t you begged for mercy? Why haven’t you attempted to run?” I heard a heinous deep voice ask. I was in shock, I tried to speak but nothing came out. I felt relief in my throbbing head as my hair was released. I wanted to turn around and see this tormenters face but I couldn't move, it was like my body was under restraint. Shivers ran up my spine as I felt the tip of a knife slide against every inch of my back, my knees gave in forcing me to fall flat on my face. The ruthless immortal kicked me with unbelievable force causing excruciating pain to make its way up the entire left side of my body. I was then turned unto my back by the unknown torturer. She was a beautiful woman, she had long shiny blonde hair, captivating blue eyes, and full red lips. She glared at me in disgust and then she spit on my face, I desperately wanted to wipe it off but my inability to move left it there to soak into my skin. I felt helpless and cowardly being in the confinement of my own body. Whoosh! My stomach flipped when she pulled me to my feet never releasing the grasp she had to the front of my now filthy shirt. “Do you know my name? Aren't you afraid?” She firmly asked, obviously offended that I hadn't answered her previous questions. I tried so hard to say something that my brain started to hurt causing me to give up. She tensed her jaw and yelled “ DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!” I wanted to scream and cry but my body remained limp and mute. How long will she torture me? Will she kill me? If not will I remain in this paralyzed state forever? Why do they call her the sleep witch? Those questions along with many others filled my mind leaving me in utter distress. “Fine you don’t want to answer me? Instead you would rather be... put to sleep?” She asked, this time with the knowledge that she would get no answer. She did this to me, she knows exactly why I am not answering. Her creamy light skin tone was replaced with a dark gray color, her beautiful blue eyes faded to black, and her glowing blonde hair became an ashy gray. My feelings changed almost instantly from confusion to fearful despair. Smack! My head hit the ground as she let my shirt go, my skull was pounding in agonizing pain. She started to toss black powder on my shirt while chanting one phrase repeatedly. “Sleep my dear, close your eyes. Sleep my dear, I hear your cries. Your body will sleep, and never awake. All will be official, at the end of daybreak.” She shouted one last time and all of the black powder she had thrown on my shirt flew up and into my nose. My eyes felt like they weighed a ton and after a few seconds of struggling to keep them open they shut, leaving me in darkness. The darkness became light, I was sitting up. I looked around with my eyes, only to see that I was surrounded by what looked like walls made of dirt. I attempted to speak and then to move, failing I wanted to cry but my face remained free of tears. I looked up with my eyes and saw a large rock the sun was not visible. A revolting odor filled the air around me. Where could I possibly be? How long will I be here? I thought and I had no answer to my questions, as I had no answers to the witch’s questions. Torture, pain, confusion, and misery with no end. What did I do to deserve this?

The author's comments:
I wanted to take horror to the next level, and leave my readers wanting more.

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