Taking A Chance On Love

October 14, 2012
By Anonymous

“There he is.. he looks so perfect with his slick black hair, and eyes, as green
a green skittles, if only I could get the chance to be with him. No, who am I kidding, he has to be with royalty. I do not even have the latent ability to be noticed by him. ” Emily, who is in love with the prince, Eric, muttered under her breath. She finally stopped staring and walked away to get back to work. When suddenly she bumped into a mysterious guy. “Oh my gosh, I am so so sorry! I was not paying attention at all, is there anyway I can make it up to you?” Emily apologized. “Don’t worry about it, Darling. My name is Dave, it’s really nice to meet you!”
“Hey David, I’m Emily do you want to get some coffee or something, ill pay so I can make up for running into you” Then, they went to the coffee shop “Coffee Coffee” and talked for hours. Dave asked her if she could have on thing in the world what would she choose. Emily explained the situation with Eric and that if she could have anything it would be a chance with him.
“What would you do if I said that I could get that for you?” He questioned. Emily looked at him quietly for a minute or two, wondering what he meant by that or if it was even possible. She then questioned him. Being very ambivalent over it, When he said that he could make her royalty and give her everything royalty would have. Though she was very visceral about it, she jumped with joy, begging on her knees to get that one special chance.
“There will be some consequences” He explained how the whole thing was to be surreptitiously, and he can not give her the chance for free. If he were to do it, she would need to pay him, with her soul. He threw in something extra that he doesn’t usually do though, he told Emily that if she won the guy over she would not have to be his slave, as long as Eric lives. She didn’t care she would do anything to get a chance.
The devil did as he said he would, the next day Emily woke up in a beautiful castle as big as the Himalaya mountain, in the most gorgeous dress, hair and make up perfect. She shined like the light from the sun. Everything just as she has always dreamed, it was the complete opposite of unscrupulous.
As soon as she got the chance she jumped out of bed, had coffee made for her, and went on her way to find Eric. She keeps having regrets, not knowing if she is making the biggest mistake of her life or making the best decision in her life. She decided it would be worth it.
When she got to Eric’s Palace she saw him right away. He was looking as fabulous as a shining diamond. Scrambling for what to do or say, she froze as if she were a statue glued to the floor. The next thing she knew was he was walking towards her smiling. She finally forced herself to say hello, and greet him like he should be, with a curtsey.
It was love at first sight, no one had ever seen such a thing. They stared into each others eyes and it was as if nothing else in the world matters, they were the only two people around.
Emily could never thank “Dave” enough for helping her find love, and get everything she wanted in life.

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