October 13, 2012
By KeyonnaB SILVER, Fayette, Mississippi
KeyonnaB SILVER, Fayette, Mississippi
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Abandoned and silenced, invisible to many
I'm not alone but I might as well be
Pushed so far I might actually think about that dagger to the heart
Handled so roughly I actually dream about my ending

It seems peaceful, more care there than I've ever felt in my lifetime
and I cannot understand why I cant be accepted, nor can I be cared for

Am i not human?
I have feelings like you to
Is it not enough that even if people accepted me I couldn't fully have everything that is required...
Such as a child

Or maybe you dot care
I am an ABONMINATION to the world, to society, to religion

Isolated from the world all because I am a man.....a man who loves a man

The author's comments:
i was inspired by my favorite artist Frank Ocean. now i have an idea of how homosexual people feel.

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