In the Pickle Jar

July 16, 2008
By Kristina Clark, Moon Township, PA

“Man, sitting in this jar all day sure does get boring; heh.” Said Alan the pickle. “just be lucky that nobody likes pickles, otherwise we’d be eaten by now!” said Pedro the pickle. Alan and Pedro are bestfriends and yes, they are pickles.

“Wy have we been sitting in this jar, in this grocery store, for the past week? Why won’t anyone buy us?” said Pedro. “Because we’re lucky, that’s why! I don’t want to be eaten!” cried Alan. “you’ve made that clear, although. I want to see something other than this stupid old jar everyday! I have a plan….. let’s break out!” said Pedtro. “What do you mean break out? A little rebeleous are we? There is just no way!” said Alan. Pedro had a look on his face, a look that you could tell he was up to something brilliant.

Pedro suddenly started raming on to the side of the jar. “STOP! STOP!” yelled Alan “Pedro, We’ll get hurt!” “Dude, you’ve got to live a little. Take a risk.” Said Pedro. “So are we in this journey together?” “Ummn…. Well…… I suppose.” Said Alan. They both went to the back of the jar and ran. They hit the jar and the only thing that happened was that Alan hit his head and started to cry. “Ahh! That really hurt!” “Oh stop being a baby.” Said Pedtro “I’ve got a plan. Well, I used to be a cheerleader.” “Oh, I get it! So you’re going to yell a cheer, people might hear us, and then let us out!” said Alan. “Uhh, no.” said Pedro. “Nobody is going to let pickles out of a jar over a cheer. In cheerleading, I would have to lift people up. I’ll lift you up over my head and rocket you out!” exclaimed Pedtro. “This is crazy, but it just might work!” said Alan. Both enthused, Pedtro lifted up Alan, yelled “ONE! TWO! THREE!” and then Alan blasted off and he hit the lid of the jar so hard that it broke and he got out. They were filled with joy.

An employee came over to the pickles and saw the Alan on the floor. He took the pickles and the broken jar out to the dump. The pickles were never heard from again.

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