Lost & Alone

July 15, 2008
By Donna D'Orazio, Fulton, NY

One time there was a girl named Rebecca. She had everything! She had all of the kids in her school as friends. They loved her. She was 16 years old. She loved school and was teachers pet. She had the cutest kid in school as her boyfriend. His name was Nick. Well her birthday was coming up, she was going to be 17. They were going to take a cruise as Rebecca's present from her parents. The whole family was going. The boat was huge! They all had so much fun when the cruisehad first started. Unfortunetly the fun wasn't going to last. There was another cruise ship near them and as both ships kept moving toward each other they collided. The other ship made it away ok, but the ship Rebecca and her family was on began to sink because of the giant gash it had going down the side of it. Rebecca began looking for her family so she could keep them safe, or at least try to. Nick helped her but they couldn't find anyone. The ship began to sink faster and it fell to its side. Nick fell into the water but rebecca grabbed something and held on tight. She saw her dad. He was holding onto something also. She yelled to him to hold on as long as he could. Although that wasn't very long. He could hold on no longer and he let go. He landed in the water right next to where Nick had fallen. She thought they were both dead and she had nothing to live for because she knew that the rest of her family was already dead. She then let go. When she splashed into the water then floated to the top she had realized that Nick and her dad weren't there. She immediatly started to look around while trying to stay above water. She couldn't see them anywhere. When a rescue boat came to pick her up and Nick and her dad weren't on it, she began to cry. They took her to dry land where other people who had survived were. She searched for someone she knew. She couldn't find any of her family members. They brought her home where she found her dad and Nick looking at pictures of her and her mom, crying. When she walked in they looked up and smiled. They jumped up, ran over to her and hugged her. She told them about when she got on the rescue boat she felt lost and alone. A couple of months went by and her dad had gotten extremely sick and passed away. Since she no longer has any family members left alive, thanks to the ship accident, she went to live with a close family friend named Mike. She had to change schools her senior year so she couldn't graduate with any of her freinds. She actually lost most of her friends, however one friend she didn't lose was her boyfriend Nick. Although she still had Nick she didn't much of a life because she didn't know anyone else. She was left with all of the money from her family though. It seemed like Mike didn't understand her life at all but she was happy to live with someone she knew. Her birthday was coming up again. She didn't know it but Nick was going to throw her a party. Her birthday had arrived and she had gone out shopping with some money she had. When she came back she was extremely shocked when she opened the door to see everyone jump up and scream, "Happy Birthday!" to her. Nick had a 3 layered cake made for her with blue, pink, and purple frosting on it. At the very top of the cake was a giant orange flower made of frosting with a gorgeous 24 karat gold ring with 2 small diamonds and one big diamond right between the 2 smaller diamonds. Nick kneeled down on one knee and asked Rebecca to marry him. She agreed and they set the date fo June 29, the day after graduation. They graduated and then got married. She was happy and sad at the same time. Happy for getting married but sad because the rest of her family couldn't be there in person to see her, but at least they were there in spirit! After the ceremony her life had completely turned around. She now had a great life again! One year later Rebecca and Nick had a beautiful baby girl named Emily. Three years after that she had a handsom baby boy named Riley. She told them about how they will always have their falimy with them. She used the very last of her money to make a memorial for everyone who had died on the cruise. She took the whole family there, once it was built, to have picnics all the time. They loved being able to be around family all the time!

The author's comments:
I wrote this story because I was reading stories othe people had written and i decided i wanted to write one. My english teacher inspired me to write this story. He was always talking about where your imagination can take you, and he was right! I hope he knows forever, how much he helped my writing skills grow.

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