At a Crossroads

October 8, 2012
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On the upper east side of Manhattan, there is a four bedroom penthouse occupied by a single inhabitant. She lives among the filthy rich, who bath in their money, homes filled with ostentatious adornments. Despite her lavish lifestyle, Bella Thorne, latently finds herself unsatisfied with her life. Her show stopping smile and silky golden hair mask the fear she hides, for she knows her life is drawing to a close.

She draws a bath and lights seven candles, sprinkling rose pedals around her bathroom. Wafting through her home, the sweet aroma of roses calms her nerves. Gently, she lowers herself into the tub and sinks down so that only her nose breaches the surface of the water. Her hair floats up around her face creating a mane. With her eyes closed an expression of peace spreads across her fine features. She opens her eyes beneath the water and fear floods her face, immediately she pulls herself forward from the water gasping for air. In that moment, she had seen it, those red eyes that bore into her skull. Slumped down into the bubbles, she stares at her knees and a single tear rolls down her cheek and disappears into the bubbly depths of the bath. With an ambivalent sigh, she pauses before clambering out of the tub. Draping a towel around her body, she makes her way to her room. The sparkly chandelier casts an eerie glow down upon her as she enters the room. Dropping her towel, she ventures to her closet and pushes open the door. She finds a silky pink number ornamented with lace, and carefully places it over her head. Tonight, her last night, she will look her best. As she strolls out she grabs a black robe and pulls it over her shoulders, the color signifying her feelings.

Sitting at her kitchen counter, Bella stares down into a cup of tea and bobs a teabag back and forth. An icy chill sets in the room.

“Hello, Lilith.” She says, feeling the presence of the surreptitious figure lurking behind her.

“Bella, ten years, it’s done a wonder on you.” A woman dressed in a white flowing gown replied. She would have been stunning, had it not been for her fierce red eyes. The attire gave her the appearance of an angel. Looking at Lilith, Bella recalls the night that they had met. Eleven years-old, she was given a choice and at the edge of a crossroads, her scruples were tested. Choosing to live a more luxurious life, she sold her soul; in her contract to this she-devil she was given ten years.
“It is time Bella,” the slightest glimmer of pity played across Lilith’s face. Looking up at Lilith, Bella stared straight into her eyes. Flames seemed to dance behind the crimson surface.
“Have you nothing to say to such an untimely death?”
“I have come to accept my fate Lilith. I lived the life that I thought I wanted.”
“Well darling, I hope you have enjoyed your time, with such frivolities.” With a small twitch of her fingers, as if she were beckoning someone forward two massive black dogs appeared. They’re eyes, the same fiery shade as their masters, locked eyes on their prey.
When the police appeared the carnage that was left in the room was unbearable, visceral masses were strewn around the room.

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