Overcoming My Barrier

April 28, 2008
By Arturo Mora, Amarillo, TX

As I walk down the halls of school, I look at all the other students enjoying their normal and healthy lives. While, I walk around like if nothings wrong, when really something is wrong in my life. Not to long ago I found out that I had a sickness, cancer. Nobody knew that I had cancer, because I didn’t like people knowing about my personal life and struggles. As I get closer to my next class, I start thinking about how everyone is going to have a nice and healthy life, well most of them. I start thinking to myself, I wonder if I will ever overcome this, will I live to see how the future might turn out, and things like that. When school finished I went home and took my pills that I take daily. I have to take medications everyday because it helps me to control my cancer.

That’s what I do almost everyday, since my life really doesn’t have adventure and enjoyment to it. I really don’t do things on the weekends anymore, because I’d rather spend my time with my family just in case something happens to me and I wont regret anything. Sometimes I catch my mom crying, mostly when she thinks I’m not listening or I can’t hear her. I tell her, “Its okay mom, don’t worry about anything because I know someday I will hopefully overcome this.” Who can blame her though, she might at any day lose the only son that she has just because of a sickness. Things were going okay, until the day I had some kind of attack to my tubes that are connected to the heart. All I really remember from that day was I couldn’t breath and seeing my mom by my side in the ambulance praying. When I woke up all I could see were very bright lights. My first instinct was that I was dead, but as I saw more and more I was just in a hospital room looking at the very bright lights that they have. I had spent all of my time at the hospital for a very long time, because the doctors wanted me there just in case I had another attack. My family knew what had happened, but my friends didn’t. They knew I was going to be our of school for a while, but they didn’t know the real reason why until I told them. After me telling them what had happened they tried to go to the hospital more often, but not all the time they could make it. I understood why they couldn’t come, but it wasn’t like I always wanted them anyways.

About two weeks had passed by and I was still at the hospital, getting checked by many doctors and still taking many medications. One day a doctor came in to my room and wanted to have a talk with me and my mom. He started talking to us about my sickness, then came out right to the point that I could have surgery to see if I could get rid of my cancer. My mom and I were very shocked and excited, because we thought that this might be my chance to get rid of this horrible sickness. After consideration, my mom and I came to a conclusion that I did want to have the surgery. We set an appointment with the doctor and found out that the surgery was going to be in about 3 days. That came as a shocker to me, because I didn’t know that it was going to be that quick. The days went by very slow for my surgery to come. I had to have patience and do things to get my head out of thinking about my surgery. My mom and I were very nervous but anxious about the surgery, to see what was going to happen.

The day of the surgery finally came and I was completely nervous, because I had never got surgery before. The doctors came to get me out of the room I was in to go and take me to the surgery room, leaving my mom behind in the waiting room. As soon as I got into the room the doctors injected me with many things. I’m guessing it was anastasia, since they use it every time to put you to sleep. When they finished their processes, they told me to start counting up until I finally go to sleep. So I, almost half asleep, start counting, “1...2.…..3.…..4.…….5.” Every number that I went up it started getting longer and longer, until I just passed out. When I fell asleep I’m not sure what the doctors did, but they took a while to do it. Many hours went by when finally they took me to the recovery room and all they were just waiting for was for me to wake up. When I woke up, I saw those bright lights once again and I also saw a nurse and my mom half asleep on a couch that looked very uncomfortable. When I got wide awake the doctors did all they needed to do, and so did the nurses. They made me stay at the hospital a few more days after the surgery just to see how I was doing and so I can recovery from it. After those days passed by the doctors finally let me go home, which I was very excited because I hadn’t seen my house and my friends. Before I left they told me I was going to have an appointment in a couple of weeks to see if my cancer was going away. When I got home that same day most of my friends came to see me to see how everything went. I told them everything and now all I awaited was the day I finally got to go back to school. The day that I got to go to school arrived around the corner and I was ready to go back. When I arrived, most of the teachers were surprised to see me, since they hadn’t seen me in about two months. They day went by so fast, because everyone was coming to greet me and see how I’ve been. So when I left that school day I was very happy to know I might actually get to enjoy my life to the fullest again if I get rid of the cancer

The day of my appointment had popped up on me very fast, but I was ready to hear what the doctor was going to tell me. When we got to the doctor’s office they took me to the room in the back right away. The helpers did all they needed to do and left me and my mom to wait until the doctor came back with the results that he got from the lab. We awaited a few minutes, when finally the door knob turned and the doctor came in. I really couldn’t tell what he was going to tell me because his facial expression was very blank and I really couldn’t tell if it was good or bad news. He talked to us a little bit and then finally said, “ We got the results in, and we see that the operation went very well than expected, because it shows here that you have no more cancer.” When my mom and I heard those words we were speechless. The doctor told us that this surgery went very well for me and that I should be happy that it did. After the doctor telling us everything I needed to do to stay healthy, he sent us back home with prescriptions that I still needed to drink. On our way back home my mom and I talked about how relieved we are that this went real well. After that day everything went real well for me.

After knowing that I did good in the surgery I tried to get my life back together like before I knew that I had cancer. I now live a normal and healthy life like I wanted. When I know that someone has cancer I try and help them out and make them feel better because I knew what they were going through and how they feel. Hopefully I get to be a big help to them because I know if I survived through all of my experience, then so can they.

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